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China is the most populous country, and boasts of an opulent culture. Owing to its architectural marvels and a rich heritage, tourism in China is on a boom. The impressive infrastructure and easy connectivity, to and within this country, also make it a sought after travel destination. According to published sources, China currently ranks third amongst the most visited countries in the world.

China is indeed a traveller’s paradise and will undoubtedly be on the wish list of most travel enthusiasts. While this country has so much to offer in terms of its food, history, culture, and architecture it is indispensable that while making your plans for this amazing place you must contact a good travel agency to help you schedule your trip.

A good travel guide for China will help you plan your tour in detail, keeping in mind your budget constraints and the number of days of your visit. There is often so much to see, that it is better to ask someone experienced and professional, so that you can include the must visit places in your schedule and make the best of the little time you have.

For people interested in ancient architectural wonders, their travel guides should specifically include The Great Wall of China, Terracotta Army, Forbidden City, and Yungang Grottoes in their itineraries. Each one of these has a spectacular view, and will surely take your breath away. These places have a history of their own, and your travel guide should take you back in time, describing in detail all the fascinating and significant historical events associated with these places.

Nature lovers who prefer enjoying serene and picturesque views should drop by the Yangtze River, which ranks third among the longest rivers in the world. Li River too, has a remarkable view with the beauty of hills, cliffs, caves, and villages in the backdrop. You should also include The West Lake in East China as part of your travel plans. This is a man-made park, which was built for leisure. The Chinese-style arched bridge adds to its lovely view. Jiuzhaigou Valley, located in the Sichuan province is particularly famous for its multi-level waterfalls and sparkling blue lakes.

Chengdu is another interesting place to visit if you are looking to get an indepth understanding of the Giant Pandas. You should visit the breeding research base to get a comprehensive insight about the breeding habits of the Pandas.

While your travel guide must take you to these renowned tourist attractions, you will have missed out on a lot if you don’t make a trip to one of the local China markets. The massive crowds in peak seasons can get slightly scary, so it would be intelligent not to divert from your travel partners or group. An evening walk through one of these markets bustling with local food and shopping activities will definitely be the highlight of your whole trip. So, the next times you are planning a trip to China do get in touch with a travel guide.

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