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Abby. And I have arrived in the Philippines we just checked into our place.

And we are now heading to the mall to get our phones all set up. So, I’m hoping the Philippines is going to be a better start to this past month because. I’ve been having some serious bad luck these past two weeks.

I had my bank account get cracked in two. And they stole all my funds in my checking account luckily. I was implicit that back.

I had my macbook pro charger break which is about a hundred dollars. I lost my SD card which is another hundred dollars. I had my laptop break the other night.

And I for sure thought it was done but then. I was able to get someone to fix it for free. So that was incredibly nice to them they basically just took off the back.

And pulled a plug out. And put it back in but I I thought it was dead for sure.

And then. I also wrecked my last GoPro. So that was another five hundred dollars that.

I lost. So. I’ve just spent.

So much money. And stress on all these little things. So Philippines.

I think is going to be an amazing trip reminds me of Mexico a bit the currency is actually called the Filipino peso. And if people speak really good English here but let me speak English they have an accent. So they sound a little bit Abby.

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And I have just been dropped off at the shangri-la in Cebu look at Disney’s. So Abby. And I have a very important dinner we have to attend, it’s the president’s dinner down here as you can tell, we’re dressed for the occasion dressed to impress down here is the shangri-la’s exclusive access to the ocean what are your thoughts well Wendy, we’re both of the time in fact, we’re both great time really four eyes asleep.

I had less it was like one hour. And that was like a three hour spurt actually no two hours maybe three hours sleep we really discontinued sleep we’d sleep for like two hours in the airport. And then have to move.

And then sleep another hour on the plane. And then move yeah. So, I’m tired but it’s so nice to be here, we’re starting our 20-day adventure in the Philippines. And because we have so much time here we actually have time to like relax in places like this instead of just being constantly going to the next destination.

So we really like a place we can spend an extra day or two which is awesome as. I said that flexibility oh my god yes oh here we go yes I’ll be here they’re having a display of all the dances they have across the Philippines from the cellar. And Muslim part to like the northern.

And Central Catholic parts of the Philippines. So, it’s pretty cool to see just totally different dance styles you never see any are anywhere else today is day two in the Philippines our first whole day here. And, we’re again going to go back to the ritz-carlton.

And just hang out by the pool there might not read skeletons of shangri-la. And. I’ve got an assignment.

And still do. So although, I’m done all my exams. I’ve got a paper that’s done yeah.

I have to submit. So I’ll just finish that up should only take about an hour. And then I’ll do a bit of editing if you do a bit of snorkelling so.

I brought some of our masks that we bought in hotel. And what else good night yeah, it’s a good time going to put the new goggles to use our masks, I’m gonna go do a little bit of snorkeling around over there. And see if.

I can see any fish there’s actually. So many fish in the water here. So, I’m gonna put you guys in the waterproof housing.

And show you guys what’s up. So this is the resort with it with a private little dive area it’s so nice Abby.

And I are just spending the day here again today gonna relax. And do a little bit of life searching not a bad spot she’ll chill here hi guys welcome to, we’re in Mexico this is. So nice Abby.

And I bought sangria. And a plastic bottle which is super classy right bugs. And like, it’s looks nice because we were in Thailand where.

I was. So expensive in here, it’s like $45 yeah wines really cheap here in the Philippines. I remember the last time, we’ve been this relaxed where, it’s just like because nice as ever vacations have been like there’s not many places you can just chill like this dinner has arrived Abby.

And I are getting some nice Italian food.

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