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Traveling can be fun and addictive. Just like you wouldn’t plan a vacation without tickets and other bookings, you shouldn’t miss on travel insurance either. Mishaps are unfortunate and unexpected, and if you are traveling abroad, you need that extra kind of coverage for common risks, such as baggage loss, delayed flights, cancelled flights, missing documents, medical expenses, and accidents. For these varied reasons, you need a good travel insurance policy that will cover you and those dependent on you for the journey. Here are some of the things you need to know.

Basics at a glance


Before you look for travel insurance blue cross, or any other company for that matter, it is best to understand the basics. First things first, you have to ask a few questions. What kind of cover are you looking for? It is wise to understand that every policy is unique and there can be add-ons and extras as and where needed, but there are a few inclusions at all times. Basic cover can include all or most of these things curtailment in plans, cancellations, delays, loss of baggage and belongings, personal liabilities, medical cover and emergency assistance.


Shopping for travel insurance


There are a number of sites that can offer assistance with comparing travel insurance Philippines, but as a prudent customer, you have to read the terms and conditions in details. Some of the sites have easy and simple filters, where you can check the inclusions, cost, exclusions and other aspects and choose the policy that suits your needs. Anyone who is over 1 years and below 80 years can take travel insurance. Do note that cover can be taken for national and international cover, and a list of documents must be submitted, which includes complete list of travel destinations and detailed itinerary, dates and all requisite details.


What else to note?


First things first, most of the regular of basic travel insurance policy will not cover any of the medical conditions that is pre-existing or was known to the concerned person. For example, if you have breathing issues and suffer an attack on travel, this wouldn’t be normally covered in a standard policy. The cost of the insurance is largely dependent on the requirements and inclusions, and if you are getting cover some of the higher risks, the premium will be on the higher side.


Start comparing insurance options and policies now!

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