Santa Ana California Travel Guide

Fighting the winter blues can be difficult, but there’s a few ways to coast out of that funk by planning adventures in the springtime.

Cabin fever is no fun during the winter, but that’s no reason to forget how you’re going to enjoy yourself in the warmer weather. Whether for vacationing or simply sightseeing, here’s a long list of excellent places to visit for winding down and catching some amazing scenery. Before you know it, you’ll have some excellent places to visit by the time things heat up again…

Driving Highway 1 in Big Sur, California

With scenery that’s usually reserved for a postcard, Big Sur is a must visit. Highway 1 has some of the most amazing views for passengers and drivers alike on this ninety mile stretch of highway. Covering a gorgeous coastline, this highway will expose you to some amazing cliffs sprinkled with a hefty range of parks in the area. The highway will eventually lead you to the Big Sur River Valley, which is where you’ll leave the coast and enter the redwood forest. This historic highway enters the Big Sur region by going across the San Carpoforo Creek (south of the Monterey County line). The historic bridges you’ll notice along the way will assure you that Highway 1’s construction began in 1919 (and ended in 1937).

The White Rim Road in Utah

The White Rim Road in Utah offers some amazing views that are sure to turn some heads along the way. This one-hundred mile stretch of road offers two options for travel – one path by vehicle… or another path by bicycle. Taking the path for automobiles should take approximately two to three days, as biking the path should take three to four days. One rule that goes for both methods of travel on The White Rim Road is that no pets are allowed on either journey. The views are incredible on this long stretch of road, but they’re definitely something you’ll have to work for regardless of the transportation being used. The harsh weather associated with White Rim can make a trip very difficult… as the mountain names alone can give you an idea of what you’re in for:

Lathrop Canyon Road
Shafer Trail
Hardscrabble Hill
Murphy’s Hogback
Mineral Bottom Switchbacks

These roads are not for the faint of heart… as they are known for being very steep (making caution necessary).

The Seven Mile Bridge in Florida

This bridge in Florida is something that’s very familiar with anyone who’s frequented the area of Marathon, Florida. It was once considered one of the biggest bridges in the world when it was completed in 1912. This very popular bridge has not only been a go-to destination for tourists, but you may have seen it in a few films such as Mission Impossible 3, True Lies, License To Kill, and 2 Fast 2 Furious to name a few.

The “Going To The Sun” Road in Montana

This long stretch of road has seen a lot since creation in 1932. This road stretches fifty miles in length, which allows drivers and passengers alike to witness the glacial lakes, windswept alpine tundra, and cedar forests it has to offer. Being noted as one of the hardest roads to pave in North America, this narrow road will take you along for a winding journey that lives up to its nickname. With this being said, recreational vehicles and trailers are not allowed on this road as they pose as a hazard for yourself and fellow drivers. An excellent piece of advice would be to visit this road during months of nice weather, as a stay during their worst weather may keep you hostage in your car for a few days.

One thing that should be noted about these destinations is that they all require attention to the road and other drivers. Enrolling in a traffic school course and brushing up on your driving skills is the safest way to truly enjoy what these spots have to offer. So as soon as class is over… how about visiting these excellent locations in person?

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