Sandat Glamping Resort Bali

Yes yes you’re not least any yes exactly uh partner morning tomorrow morning you can repress it in our restaurant okay from 8 a.m. And delivers tea okay you can pick this one perfect thank you so much welcome to sand that about 15 minutes outside of ubud on a bit of a dirt path which is awesome because you actually feel like you’re pretty much in the middle of Bali right now we got about two hours of sunlight left.

So, we’re going to take advantage of our pool. And check out the resort. So we have a 5/10 five x to it.

And three looks to be different between the suit. And luxury week is the suite then we use a round bed yes. And usually we use this for bed okay and.

So sand offers free shuttle into town which you can request from 8 a.m. to 10 p.

And I are going to make sure to go back into it a few more times go check out the rice terraces and. So, we’re staying in the sorrow that’s wrong the concept color is. So green yeah welcome to our abode Wow type-a cool.

And not bad not bad at all beautiful it was the luxury with the squat bag. So we have to explain a little about in the facility in the room take a look back here this is beautiful for us. I want to spin here ok this is what you like perfect.

And also you need to use your hairdryer we have two in the cupboard, we’re coming coming. So you can play like sir like this. So I will stop her from the reception also from the restaurant perfect excellent yeah exactly the hour stop no weeks room call them because extent have different instrument.

And different sound uh every tent has its own sound yeah. So then. I was wondering how they knew which one of these oh that’s fantastic thank you enough nice to meet you thank you want Christian Christian yeah thank you.

So much I’m so excited being although well guys. I don’t know about you but, I’m gonna go take a dip at my personal pool here at the sand out glamping tents it is so beautiful where’s in the middle of the forest here in Bali. And for one night we have this here the luxury tent. And tomorrow night we have just a cross over there is the lung bung which is basically in the old days it was used to store rice here in Bali and.

Sandat Glamping Resort Bali Photo Gallery

So, it’s been repurposed into a beautiful accommodations which we will be taking advantage of this is. So beautiful. I can’t even get over it yeah we have a complimentary mango drink as we came in, we’ve got everything you could possibly need.

So the tents are actually just mesh. So you actually feel like you’re in the middle of the jungle you can hear all the sounds of the forest. And you have a lot of privacy too.

So you actually feel like you’re in your own little resort you can actually lower these plastic things here. I guess in the case of rain or heavy wind this is where I’ll be doing some work tonight. I’ve got a bunch of editing to do you know complimentary chips.

I saw the photos online of this place. And this is surpassing my expectations by a long shot this is just unbelievable, it’s extremely well decorated. I just like the style, it’s actually.

So cozy yeah, it’s like you feel like your outdoor still but, it’s very very comfy living shower is really cool is basically just a curtain that drops here. And I love how, it’s all just, it’s disguised into like a tent. So you actually don’t feel like you’re in a hotel room you just feel like you’re an extremely glamorous outdoor living beautiful sink you have towels everything is just perfect like, I’m actually.

So excited to be here this is what we need. And this is the pool welcome to my crib villas. And babes my favorite combination no not very often babes all the time well babe this sums fully sets.

And our pool is all lit up Abby. And I just took a quick swim in the pool. And, we’re going to do a bit of editing now hang out here, we’re going to go check out the restaurant here at sand out glamping tents.

And get some good food this reminds me of last time. I went camping except with hot water Wi-Fi. And a hotel room oh my this is the dining room in the Sam duct.

So Abby. And I are kind of celebrating our four years. And our four uses in like let’s see what’s good 28.

So we like get to Tokyo that day yeah. So, it’s about a week from now. And we’ll be celebrating it when, we’re with for a sister as well but tonight, it’s kind of like our our night to ourselves yes please we’ll get right to it.

And to celebrate our four years that’s coming up Lauren. I just ordered a bottle of wine we have some amazing food on its way. And yes yes thank you.

So much life is unbelievably good right now, it’s crazy though like money goes so much further for food here, we’ve actually been getting really nice meals almost every night for about $5 to $7 us this bottle of wine here is 24 but like back home a bottle of wine at dinner that will usually be like $60 at a nice restaurant like this that’s a good walk yep. So we just got back from dinner dinner was absolutely amazing the wine was fantastic.

And they have prepared our room for night time. So they shut some the blinds they shut the meshing. And, it’s a bit quieter in here now.

So, it’s ready for bed it also smells like they lit some incense, I’m going to go to bed I’ll see you guys in the morning. And tomorrow, we’re just going to hang out by the villa. And then tomorrow later in the day we actually moved to the next Villa which is the long bones which are rice shelters something like that.

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