San Bernardino California Travel Guide

Whether your romantic vacation destination is in California’s Napa Valley, a South Pacific Island or the Cochagua Valley in Chile, you’ve got to be in the game to ensure it will result in lasting memories of intimacy and passion.

You may find just the right website to point you to the perfect romantic getaway, but you need to do more than show up and fly on automatic pilot. We’ve all seen the tips about things couples should do on a romantic vacation like drinking mimosas in the morning, writing romantic things to each other in the sand and enjoying a couples’ massage in the resort spa.

But what about some of the things you shouldn’t do that could ruin the romance? One definition of romance is ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people so you might want to make sure you refrain from any bumbling and stumbling that may detach the attachment or dissolve the involvement while on your couples’ vacation.

Here are some don’ts that could extinguish the flames of romance you had hoped to fan:

ˆ Asking a stranger to take a photo of you and your lover in a romantic pose and watching dumbfounded as he runs off with your new iPhone.

ˆ Wondering why darkness is falling and there is no delightful sunset to enhance your romance before realizing your balcony should be facing west.

ˆ Blurting out something inappropriate if you do get to drink in that romantic sunset like: I haven’t seen anything like this since I went on my honeymoon with my first wife.

ˆ Tripping over your own two feet while dancing under the stars.

ˆ Dining by candlelight, pulling her close to you for a passionate kiss and realizing her hair is on fire.

ˆ Relaxing together in a bubble bath and realizing the rash erupting all over your body isprobably because you are allergic to those floatingrose petals.

ˆ Listening to live music in a hotel bar, requesting what you think is a love song to impress your lover and it turns out to be a polka.

ˆ Taking a plunger to the clogged toilet your first night in the rented lakeside honeymoon cottage.

ˆ Realizing that although being openly amorous on the streets of Paris may draw barely a glance, you get quite a different reaction with similar behavior in downtown Jerusalem.

ˆ Learning that a romantic walk on the beachwith a new love after dark may not be the best time to confide insecurities that might normally be shared with a psychiatrist: I don’t know if I’ve ever told anyone else this, but I have these weird dreams about being a serial killer.

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