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Getting in Shape

If you’ll be engaging in strenuous exercise on your trip, it’s obviously sensible to be in shape for it. This is a good idea even if you don’t expect to be especially active in the wilderness. Once there, you may find you want to do more than originally intended, or on occasion circumstances might force you to hike, paddle, or otherwise travel much farther than planned.

If you don’t already exercise on a regular basis, try to start getting in shape at least several weeks or more prior to your trip. What’s appropriate in the way of exercise will depend partly on what you’ll be doing in the wilderness. Aerobic activities like brisk walking, running or jogging, and cycling are especially recommended.

If possible, try to get out at least a few times prior to your trip to practice the specific activity or activities you’ll be involved in. Your body will then have less adjusting to do on the trip itself. You’ll reduce the chances of injuring yourself or overdoing it, and will probably enjoy the activity more.

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