Romania Travel Guide

The summer is around the corner and you have decided to spend your holiday in the classical settings of Eastern Europe. Taking a vacation in Eastern Europe can be very easy and fun even on a budget, if you make the necessary arrangements.


There are many beautiful and interesting holiday destinations in Eastern Europe. With exceptional architecture, amazing scenery, rich history and culture, Eastern Europe holds a charm that is sure to make your holiday memorable.


To get the best out of your Eastern European holiday, it is advised that you make extensive use of travel guides, to determine the best destination for you.


However, here is a simple, general guide on how to plan your first Eastern Europeholiday and make it hassle-free, fun and a true adventure.


Research your destination: Eastern Europe is a whole load of countries. In fact, there are divisions in international geography and politics as to which countries constitute Eastern Europe.


Generally, however, Eastern Europe can include Croatia, Russia, Georgia, Montenegro, Belarus, Latvia, Albania, Romania, Armenia and Serbia. For a full list of Eastern European countries, please see here


Now that you know what Eastern Europe refers to, it’s simply a question of deciding what you want from your holiday. Different Eastern European states offer different holiday experiences, so you have to be sure to research your destination based on the kind of summer holiday you want to have.


Trip Advisor is the best site to read travel reviews. It is more a forum where travelers and holiday makers share experiences, and give reviews and advice on different destinations to intending travelers.


Would you like to get some sun in the extraordinary beaches on the Adriatic coastline in Croatia?


Do you prefer to go on an exhilarating hike through the enchanting Accursed Mountains in Albania?


Would you rather spend some lovely time by the breathtaking Lake Ohrid in Macedonia?


Or, would you love a boat ride through the enthralling blue Danube River?


Or, perhaps, if you’re in love with history, you can visit the place where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, which sparked the First World War. Or, you could visit the scene of the Romanian Revolution in the Revolution Square in Bucharest, and so on.


Whatever you decide, you can be sure of a swell time. The people are naturally friendly and helpful; don’t be surprised to be engaged in conversation by strangers or be invited in to enjoy a delicious, traditional dish, and a drink or two.


Secure the necessary documents: Please be sure to find out the specific documentation required by the Eastern European country you are visiting.


Make sure your passport is valid and in order. Check your visa and make sure it is still valid; if it required.


Russia and Belarus require that any visitor have a visa. Ukraine also requires visas for many nationalities. US, EU, and Australian citizens may not require a visa to enter most countries in Eastern Europe.


If you are traveling from the US then you may have an easy route in if the country you are travelling to is one of the VWP countries. ESTA US Application experts,, explain that the VWP is a reciprocal agreement, so Eastern European countries like Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia are fairly open for US travelers. Make sure you check your destination’s requirements.


Make alist of what you will be doing during the holiday: It is important to decide what exactly you will be doing during your holiday. Whether you will go hiking or visit some historical sites, go on a boat ride or spend a lot of time at the beach, eat at restaurants or make your own meals, you have to have a clear idea what you will be doing.


This will help you plan your budget, pack appropriately and make the necessary reservations.


Define your budget: Going on a holiday is both fun and, for many, a necessary release from the daily toils of life, but it shouldn’t leave you broke. It is always best to set out a budget of how much you are able and willing to spend on the holiday. This will guide most other stages of the planning.


Be sure to find outabout currencies, exchange rates and ballpark figures (estimates) of the costs of things in general in the Eastern European country you are traveling to.


Most Eastern European countries areaffordable for international tourists, but you are likely to find generally lower prices in Krakow (Poland) and Sofia (Bulgaria), than in Prague (Czech Rep) and Budapest (Hungry especially in the tourist-favourite river areas).


You can also look out for holiday deals from airlines, hotels, museums, transportation, etc.


If you like to get souvenirs from places you’ve been to or you’re an outright collector, you should also factor this into your budget. These little details will help you enjoy the trip. This is your first Eastern European holiday, you want to make it memorable for the right reasons.


Define your timeline: Having a definite holiday timeline will help guide yourplanning tremendously. It is good to know when exactly you want to arrive in the Eastern European city of your choice, and when you want to leave. This will help you especially in booking accommodation,events you ight want to attend, return flights, etc.


Complete all bookings and reservations in advance: Get all your flight details sorted out, including connecting flights where applicable.


If you are staying in a hotel or some other paid accommodation, ensure that you have the booking already completed before you board the plane. This will save you a lot of stress when you arrive. Eastern European cities attract very large numbers of people during the summer holidays because of their many fascinations and destination affordability; and accommodation can become very dear.


Many destinations and tourist attractions sell tickets online. Be sure to find out if the place(s) you want to travel to offer such and complete your booking ahead of time. It can save you money.


There is so much to see and do in Eastern Europe. Too many people always travel to more mainstream destinations. Why not try something new this year?


Additional Notes


Remember to inform the relevant people (friends and family) of your travel and your destination. You can also leave a contact number, address or email; just in case.


Take your time to pack the things you will need for your trip. Remember it’s a summer holiday, pack light clothes. And don’t forget the camera.


Lastly, ensure that you have all the documents including passport, visa, reservation tickets, etc. secure in your bag.


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