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The UK is filled with wonderful Christmas markets, but with Dover offering regular ferries to Calais, the magical world of European Christmas markets are right on your doorstep.
We’ve listed four of our favourite European Christmas markets that you simply need to visit.


Once you reach Calais, a great Christmas market to check out lies just over an hour away in the city of Lille. Opening toward the end of November and continuing until the end of December, this is a fabulous market embracing the traditional outlook of Christmas with a modern twist.
Quaint wooden chalets line the cobbled streets, selling unique and wonderful Christmas gifts. You’ll be wowed by the wondrous scents that fill the markets; from fresh doughnuts to delicious crepes, you’ll find a dish for you. Alongside this you’ll also find the 50 metre high wheel, moving majestically alongside the giant Christmas tree.


Here in the UK, visiting a German themed Christmas market is something we all try and do during the festive period. So what’s better than visiting one in the UK? Actually visiting one in Germany. Stuttgart is found not far from eastern France, taking just under 7 hours to reach from Calais.

Running from the end of November until the end of December, this is one of the most well-known Christmas markets in the whole of Germany. In this compact city you’ll find 300 or so stalls lining the quaint cobbled streets, as the scents of fresh pines, delicious foods and spiced wines fill the air. Observe the amazing local craftsmanship at stalls, like Black Forest specialities. You can also take advantage of the fair as well as watch free concerts on the steps of the Town Hall, and in the Old Palace’s Renaissance courtyard.


Belgium lies to the north of France, making it easily accessible when you arrive in Calais. So why not take advantage of this and pay a visit to the Brussels Christmas markets? Running from the end of November until the beginning of January, it’sjust a two hour drive away. You’ll be wowed by the Belgian capital as it’s transformed into a wondrous winter wonderland.

With more than 200 chalets around Bourse, Place Sainte Catherine and the Marche aux Poissons, you can observe the fabulous offerings of Belgium’s landscape; whilst observing the beautifully hand crafted and original ornaments, as well assampling the delicious food on offer. Alongside this you’ll find a fantastic 200 foot ice rink, choirs, processions, bands and concerts. If this doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, we don’t know what will.


Heading back to Germany now, where the small yet beautiful Worms (a city filled with stunning Roman history and architecture)hosts a small yet charming Christmas market. Claiming to be Germany’s oldest city’, you’ll find Worms to the north east of France, taking just under 6 hours to reach from Calais. It’s also about 80 minutes from Stuttgart, so you could visit both.
Open from the end of November until December 23rd, you’ll find around 50 stalls, surrounded by glistening lights, as you listen to classical Christmas music, traditional brass players and gospel choirs, whilst delicious scents fill the air. You’ll also find an ice rink, where you can show off your skills, and children can pet real animals at the living manager’, before visiting Santa Claus.

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