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The next step is to contact your travel agent and get the flight tickets to your destination. A good rule of the thumb is to give your agent a month to get you tickets on the dates you are planning to travel. Also, find out if there are any visas restrictions to your chosen place and find out about the local laws and order and health conditions from your embassy.
Step 6: When traveling on holiday, keeping your money safe is one of the most important things to do. You do not want to end up short of funds or with a lost wallet in the middle of your holiday. Traveling with credit cards is the safest thing as long as you take some necessary precautions. Inform your credit card company that you are traveling and check whether your holiday destination accepts it.Also, find out if car hire companies in your holiday destination accept your credit card.
Step 7: Once you have taken care of the major planning steps, anticipate and prepare for any possible contingencies. Take note of any health complications or emergencies that might arise on the trip. Take note of any allergies and make sure that you have the required health insurance for any medical expenses on your holiday. Prepare a first aid kit and keep it in your hand-carry luggage at all times.
Step 8: Now is the time to discuss what you are going to do on your holiday. Plan your dining, entertainment, sport, leisure, and cultural activities for your destination. If you are deciding to holiday in Spain, you can choose from various activities such as a beach holiday in San Sebastian, a historical tour in Cordoba, nightlife in Seville, shopping in Barcelona, the options are endless.
Step 9:Before you leave on your memorable holiday, arrange for the upkeep of your property while you are away. Ask a friend or neighbor you trust to keep a watch on your house and car. Be wise when entrusting anybody with a house or car key and make sure your security system is in good working order.
Step 10: Once you have made the necessary arrangements, start packing! Make sure you have sufficient clothes, shoes and medicines for your trip. Make sure your luggage is secure and get any broken locks changed. Check with the travel agent about any weight restrictions on luggage.
You are now ready for a fun holiday!

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