Reviews: KLM A330 Business Class

Check-in counters at Kigali International Airport, Rwanda. Kigali Airport is very small. The airport has only one Business Class lounge, called ‘Pearl Lou. A bar is located in the main part of the. A buffet is on display in a separate room behind the bar. The buffet offers a decent selection of food. This includes sandwiches, fruits, cheese, cold cuts, pastries and snacks. This is the Airbus A330-300 that will fly us to Amsterdam. Aircraft registration number: PH-AKA (delivered to KLM in 2012). This particular airframe is nicknamed ‘Times Square’.

All of KLM’s A330 aircraft are nicknamed after famous city squares. KLM’s A330s feature 30 Business Class seats. The full flat seats are spread over 6 rows. The seats are arranged in a 2-2-2 layout. Only the window seats don’t offer direct aisle access. This is my seat (1A). KLM allows you to select your Business Class seat online free of charge. The airline now offers full flat seats. across its entire widebody fleet. KI M ronpinth/ rafi irhiaharl itc A33D aim raff. First impressions of my seat. I’ll take a detailed tour of the seat after takeoff. The seat has a pitch of 60 inch (152 cm).

The pitch is the space between a seat and the seat in front of it. The seat is 25.5 inch wide (65 cm). The armrest can be lowered to increase the seat’s width in the flatbed position. KLM’s safety video is very artsy & Dutch. It features more than 1000 Delft blue tiles specially made for the video. The entire script was first painted onto the tiles. Stop-motion video animation was then used to film KLM’s flight safety instructions. Pushback from the gate at 8:20 pm local time. The aircraft’s movements can be followed via the nose camera. Pushback from the gate at 8:20 pm local time. KLM’s A330s are powered by General Electric engines.

In 2004, KLM merged with Air France. Both airlines retain their own brand identities and hubs. KLM enjoys an excellent reputation. It’s one of the world’s most punctual airlines. KLM is also one of the world’s safest airlines. KLM has not had a fatality in four decades. Entebbe is the location of Uganda’s largest airport (close to the capital Kampala). The plane makes a stopover in Entebbe. Flight time from Kigali to Entebbe is only 40 minutes. A snack is offered (cheese biscuits). Let’s take a tour of the seat. A reading light is located on the side. The armrest features a control panel. It allows you to adjust the seat position. The seat has a 18.5” HD touchscreen TV in 16:9 format. Below the screen is a small footrest (which becomes part of the flat bed).

The tray table is stored inside the armrest. Pulling the table out of the console is very easy. The tray table is stored inside the armrest Pulling the table out of the console is very easy. The seat lacks storage space. You need to store all your belongings in the overhead bins. Behind the headrest is a small compartment. Here, you find a universal AC power outlet, a USB port, and wired controller for the WIFE. KLM’s Business Class kit is a stylish comfort bag. The bag is created by Jan Tamini, a famous fashion designer from the Netherlands. The kit contains the essentials for long haul travel. Eye mask, ear plugs, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, and skincare products. Noise cancelling headphones are provided. You cannot keep them (they can only be powered within a plane).

A comfortable pillow is offered as well. A stylish marine blue blanket also enhances the sleeping comfort at 40,000 feet. Landing at Entebbe Airport. Local time: 10 pm (Entebbe is one hour ahead of Kigali). Entebbe is best known for Operation Thunderbolt. This was a counter-terrorist hostage-rescue mission carried out at the airport in 1976. It all started when an Air France plane was hijacked. The plane with 248 passengers from Tel Aviv to Paris was diverted to Uganda by terrorists. Israel launched a mission to rescue them. 100 commandos were flown in & freed the hostages (3 hostages were killed). Israel launched a mission to rescue w Them. The plane stays 90 minutes on the ground. KLM makes a stopover in Uganda to drop off some passengers and pick up others. We leave Entebbe at 11:30 pm local time. The flight time to Amsterdam is 8 hours. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all. It’s incredible that almost 300,000 people are following my vlog. I launched my Youtube channel almost 5 years ago.

I decided to make clips as a fun way to remember my own travels. Blogging & vlogging is a hobby & side activity for me. All your kind & enthusiast comments keep me going. I may show myself when I reach one million subscribers. However, I want my clips to be about the travel experience and not about me. Let’s have a look at today’s menu. Supper is offered after takeoff as well as a hearty breakfast before landing. It’s a pleasure to welcome you on board and we hope you have a memorable travel experience. Our cabin crew is ready and waiting to serve you.. Enjoy our chefs lovingly prepared dishes, a tasteful combination of local specialities and Dutch traditions. The KLM wine panel has selected five fine wines to bring out the maximum flavour in the dishes You can find out more about this month’s selection in the wine list. The South African wine Steenberg Stately is particularly recommended and has been awarded a KISS by Therese Boer, the sommelier at the Michelin three-star.

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