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A few impressions before starting my grand to. Canaves Oia Luxury Suites is my favorite hotel in Santorini. Set at the northern end of the caldera, Oia is the quintessential Santorininian village. Oia is the most charming cliff-perched. I explore the village and watch the famous sunset at the end of this clip. I arrived at the hotel on the wrong date (my fault!). This never happened to me before and I was shocked when I found out:-). However, the super-friendly staff was very understanding. I was rebooked without any extra cost and even got an upgrade. From the lobby, it’s 50 m (150 ft) to the hotel entrance.

The picturesque, cobblestone pathway descends gently down the cliffs. This door marks the property’s entrance. Entrance is allowed to hotel guests only. The hotel is a secluded oasis of peace and serenity. Quiet and removed, the hotel is still conveniently close to Oia’s restaurants & shops. The gym & spa are located near. I have a look inside these facilities later in this clip. the hotel entrance. The panoramic views of the caldera are BREATHTAKING.

The enormous volcanic crater measures about 12 by 7 km (7.5 by 4.3 mi). The property also offers a sublime view of Oi. The white village is perched 130 m (430 ft) above the deep blue sea 7. The hotel is managed by the Chaidemenos fanr They were among the first ones to introduce tourism to the fishing village. 17th-century caves, once used to store wine, were transformed into luxurious rooms. The hotel started with two caves. The property quickly expanded to 18 rooms and became the ideal romantic hideaway. This is the FABULOUS infinity pool The pool has built-in relax chairs. The pool area offers a prime view of the caldera. You can take in the endless views from the several comfortable sun loungers. The property has won numerous prizes.

The Best Luxury Hotels in Santorini

This includes prestigious awards by Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure. It is ranked the number 2 hotel in Greece on Tri pad vitor. Do you take Tripadvisor reviews into account when choosing a hotel? Lee’s cornmen. Petra restaurant is open during the day for casual dini At night, the venue transforms into sophisticated fine dining restaurants. The restaurant also features an inside section. In the morning, the breakfast buffet is on display here (shown later). This is the restaurant s most exclusive table. From its private cave, it overlooks the pool area and the caldera. The restaurant connects to an underground hallway.

Works of art are on display in small alcoves in the thick walls. The hotel is the only Oia property with an elevator. There is full elevator access from the street to all suite levels. The hotel is the only Ola property with an elevator. The hotel features 26 suites. The suites are located in several levels of whitewashed houses above the pool area. All suites come with their own. The smaller suites feature a hot tub, while the larger su. All suites offer an amazing view of the caldera. Most of them are oriented towards the south and west, enjoying sunshine all day long. I stayed in this suite during my 3-night vision.

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Category: superior suite with plunge pool. Tip: enjoy free VIP perks when booking via Virtuose. This includes an upgrade, daily breakfast, and $100 USD food credit (link below clip). The light-filled suite features an all white deco The space features plenty of windows (which is unusual for Santorini’s otels). The space features plenty of windows (which is unusual for Santorini’s caldera hotels). The lower level features a dining & sitting area While the room is not very large, the smart layout guarantees total comfort. While the room is not very large, the smart layout guarantees total comfort. The bathroom features two sinks, a toilet, and a shower. Toiletries are provided by the Italian luxury brand Acqua Di Parma. The lower suite categories have a walk-in shower.

Bathtubs are present in the higher suite categories. Welcome present. Apples & a bottle of local wine. A stair leads to the upper floor. Most suites at the hotel feature only one level. The intimate loft is the sleeping area. It features a queen sized bed and a separate toilet. I can’t stop raving about those WOW views … You literally won’t believe your eyes every morning you wake up here. The loft features its own small terrace with 2 loungers. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine and the views of the sparkling Aegean Sea. The hotel’s accommodations are rightfully considered amongst the best on the island.

Santorini Travel Guide: Visit Santorini

Let’s go back to relax at the pool area. I need a break after all that filming since it often requires a lot of efforts :-) . Poolside lunch. Classic Nicoise salad, mango salad, and Greek salad. The infinity pool features 3 private cabanas. Guests can also splash around in the pool at Canaves Oia Hotel, a short stroll away. This must be one of the world’s best infinity pools. Views are unbeatable If you know a better infinity pool, let me know :-). The Panorama Balcony is located below the pool. The private terrace features only one table and offers sublime caldera views . It offers Santorini’s ultimate dining experience.

This is the perfect romantic setting to propose to your loved one. The sunset is best enjoyed from your private plunge pool. The hotel is one of the few properties in Oia which offers a direct view of the sunset. Saa urchin with buck who at, lemon confit.. Scallop laut fed with cauliflower, bitter almond, green curry and raisin. Grouper fricative with kombu, little gem, chon/ll and egg-lemon sauce with caviar. Carbonara homemade tagliatelle with guan-dale, truffles and egg-parmesan sauce. Underground wild Greek muthoottu with pats Icy root puree and beets. Lobster ravioli with lobster sauce and hibiscus.

Scallops sauteed with cauliflower. bitter almond, green curry and raisins. Santorini was shaped by intensive volcanic eruptions. The collapse of a mega volcano’s central part created a large crater or caldera. That collapse happened during the Minoan eruption, This eruption, dated to 1640 BCE, was one of the largest volcanic events. The island features on many travelers’ bucket lists Oia is without any doubt the most beautiful spot on the island. Oia is world-famous for its sunsets. Each evening, hundreds of tourists flock to Oia’s Kastro walls to watch the.spec. This was filmed early May. The place gets even more busy during the holiday months of August. I recommend that you skip the sunset at the Kastro walls. Instead, go to Ola’s outskirts near the Perivolas hotel (a 10 min walk from Canaves).


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