Resort Life in Bali VILLAS And BABES

Good morning from paradise here in Bali oh that was gonna be really cool but the door was locked good morning from Bali paradise the sun has risen about nine o’clock here.

So we slept it a tiny bit but this place is amazing oh my gosh the bed is. So comfy like everything’s just. So amazing guy it breaks my heart that.

I have to check out in like three hours but on the bright side, we’re just moving up the hill a bit to a different room here at the sand dot. So pretty good last night we had wine an amazing dinner. And yeah, we’re kind of celebrating her for years.

So our four years is in five days or. So Abby. And I have already ruined the room a bit my stuff is just littered across.

I seriously don’t know how like Abby. And I backpack we have so much stuff on us at all times but oh god no two butterflies just got a room get out there’s not enough room for you get up get out leave Abby look – meeting my place.

So magical here in Bali. And, it’s time for breakfast time to ring the alum come on in hi there in the morning the staff calm. And remove the tarps because.

I guess it gets really damp. And yeah it was time to damp. So in the morning to come.

And remove all the tarps from our chairs our umbrella. So when you come out in the morning everything’s good to lay on. And enjoy the Sun.

Resort Life in Bali VILLAS And BABES Photo Gallery

And Bali’s actually been surprisingly cool, it’s probably been the coolest place. I’ve been to in all of Asia actually other than Hong Kong but actually Hong Kong yeah was even more humid but Bali’s been like like actually like at night. And in the early in the morning like you could like wear a long sleeve shirt.

And be very comfortable but in the day, it’s like not nearly as like excruciating ly hot as it can get in Thailand. And Laos. And everywhere else, we’ve done.

And I know, we’ve only been here two days but I think that’s kind of standard here in volleys it is a few degrees cooler which is probably the perfect temperature, we’re sorting breakfast breakfast is included here pretty pumped I’m so hungry right now cannot wait just doing some editing of my photos.

I’ve got like way too many photos right now which breakfast is served oh my gosh that looks. So good breakfast has just been served. And I just said earlier, it’s included.

So we got. I got fried eggs. And ham some toast some granola fruit.

And yogurt. I don’t think. I’ve had yogurt since being in Asia come to think of it.

So, I’m really excited for that thank you. So we are checking out of our beautiful villa here. And, we’re going to move on to the dongbu loom book.

I honestly don’t know how to pronounce it but, it’s just up the hill. So, it’s like a two minute walk not even. And we’ll show you the new place in a second breakfast was amazing.

And the room was even better today’s a little bit overcast but, it’s still really nice up the temperatures absolutely perfect for t-shirt. And shorts. So just outside of our entrance we come up here.

And, it’s right there Oh a nice you got a little living area down here, we’re staying at kick Ock lovely before we totally demolish this place I’ll give you a quick room tour. So this is the bed. And this is our view overlooking our pool which we only share with two other homes really nice a little living area I’ll show you.

So the bathroom is downstairs. And, it’s actually in here is the bathroom just slightly separate. So upstairs is the entrance in here is the bathroom.

And of course everything super modern nice toilet noise nice towels. And the shower is outdoors which is really cool. And in here is probably the coolest part this is our living quarters.

So, it’s like a huge lounge area where you can have friends over unfortunately we don’t have any friends in Bali. So it’ll just be Abby and. I.

And, we’re not really friends life is unbelievably rough. So we have moved on to the Lombok which is an old rice storage facility. So in Indonesia traditional Balinese people would keep the rice stored upstairs because.

I guess you have to dry the rice out. And yeah they’ve basically repurposed this one into a beautiful glamping experience. And, it’s just overlooking this pool here that we all share there’s three long bungs our room is actually.

So amazing. I know. I probably use the word amazing about 20 times but I’ll look for a new word.

And I’ll use it. And this is the pool Abby. And I are going to go get some lunch here again the Sun keeps breaking in.

And out. So right now, it’s a bit overcast still lovely but would be nice to hang out by the pool grab some lunch here lunch has arrived. And Abby’s already mounted down almost more pesavum what’s really cool is that sand out only has six hotel rooms.

So, it’s actually very quiet here you get a really personalized feeling. And you get to know the people who are also staying here. And like all the servers the waitresses the concierge people they all know you by name.

And they like come up. And greet you, it’s a really cool feeling not to mention these rooms make it easy to live here. And bringing my parents back a little treat.

I got them some more cat poo coffee. So they’ll be able to try it for themselves. And yeah who knows maybe they have a taste for feces oh my gosh that is the biggest bumblebee.

I’ve ever seen. I actually don’t even know what to do like that’s the kind of bug that would kill you in your sleep feel like a little girl right now trying to hide from this bug okay. I’ve dropped it that is a disgustingly big B oh my tits oh Sh, it’s angry get out Oh God oh my gosh thank God.

I got it out. I didn’t think. I was gonna sleep tonight yeah the B’s gone sloth life.

I just set my camera up here did a time-lapse of the resort here. And right now Abby. And I are just in a room doing some editing, I’m trying to get this highlight reel up for the month of March in April.

So basically, I’m doing like a two months in two minutes clip. And it takes a long time because literally, it’s like two months of travel. And then trying to fit all the best moments in two minutes.

So, it’s tons of cutting of footage tons of editing of music making sure the clips work with the music yeah. I’ve probably spent about five hours already. And could easily be another five.

So, I’m going to try to finish it tonight no guarantees but hopefully Abby. And I will go into town go get some wine we had wine here last night but it was bit expensive is like $24 well, it’s cheap for a restaurant but expensive for our budget. So hopefully we’ll head into town go get some food.

And then come back here. And do editing for the night enjoy our last night in paradise here at Sun dive. So this is what the reality of the hotel room looks like totally destroyed Abby.

And I officially have moved in if you can’t tell GoPro accessories laptops cameras. So sad, it’s our last night here. And then after this we have to go back to like the reality of like living in like low-quality hostels.

And hotels that are so called hotels or more like rooms with doors, it’s pretty much how I put most of the hotel rooms, we’ve stayed in but you know, it’s been.

So amazing to be here Bali’s been awesome. So far, we’ve just been. So lucky with everything from like meeting Pancho having him like show us around Bali to being able to just stay here for two nights, it’s been awesome.

And tomorrow we will go into google town we will move into a new place. And the day after tomorrow we just got confirmed. So we have a big spa day at one of the big hotels here in ubud actually now, it’s in kuta.

So in the main Bali area. And yeah. So we’ll do lunch.

And Spa at kuba Village Resort. So, I’m really excited about that thank you so much that’s awesome after editing for like 6 or 7 hours today.

I pretty much just finished my highlight reel. So, I’m super excited about it but, I’m exhausted, we’ve absolutely loved sand at. And highly recommended if you guys are interested in doing a bit of a higher-end experience while in Bali.

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