Pattaya Trip And Ghost Tower

So we just arrived at the ghost tower we drove ourselves here by bike. And we took like eight wrong turns.

So we have missed the sunset we’ll find another day, it’s like 60 stories up you can’t see it from here but, it’s really creepy, it’s like pitch black right now. And two people have killed themselves here. And like the past year.

So, it’s closed down to the public but you can pay a guard to get in here. And we will climb it. I don’t know hopefully tomorrow or the day after this is so creepy geez if you fell down there. I don’t know like how would you get back up my phone battery is only at 39%. So that’s.

So creepy it’d be pretty cool to do a sunrise here too oh this is totally the elevator shaft oh damn that would just be the world’s biggest draw sixty stories what do you mean of course you’re dying. I keep there’s. So many pillars.

I keep thinking. I see a person. So we are now gonna drive down let the roadtrip begin we are going down to Koh Chang which is an island about 350 kilometers away.

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And we have got the ride all rigged up got my bluetooth speaker got JT going things are good. So we just had a nice run-in with the police his badass pip, we’ve been taking a highway. And we didn’t realize there wasn’t motorcycles allowed on it and.

So when we came to the toll bridge we got stopped by like a police officer. And he took us into his office yeah we got arrested he got taken into the office, it’s kind of scary actually because no one could speak English and. So we had to have them call someone we go to school with your good speed full of Thai.

And English. And they translated. So we only had the page three under baht which is like ten dollars to get out of it forgot to get seen on a helmet.

So yeah now. I think we know where, we’re going although they don’t, we’re like in the middle of nowhere. And we went in talks with this guy.

And this guy spoke like the best English. I’ve heard in Thailand. I can’t dig this success trying out a new hairstyle spell emo biker, we’re moving.

So slowly. I think. I don’t know what it is, we’re following the roads.

And like one pretty quick but at this rate we might make it. I like. I don’t know 8:00 p.M. tonight we left around 1:00 take like two to three hours to get there but, we’ve turned taking every wrong turn possible she’s falling asleep on the back luckily Tino’s still doing alright. So, we’re doing a quick gasps stop but more importantly we got friends oh.

I just snotted all over me. So Google Maps told us to get to the island it would take four hours we have been on the bikes now for close to six seven hours well maybe not, we’ve taken. So many wrong turns, we’re like a third of the way to the island not even.

So, we’re gonna go somewhere else tonight run a pattaya, we’ve got a bunch of friends there. And we will go there after like seven hours we finally made it. I don’t know, it’s we left at 1:00, it’s now like 8:00 we are in Pattaya, it’s pretty much like Las Vegas but in Thailand it has a giant beach here.

I think, it’s technically the best beach getaway that’s close to Bangkok well not really. I don’t know. I might have made that up but, it’s a close pitch to Bangkok.

And she you know was just ready to have a good time now we just need to meet up with our friends. So we just found this pool. And invited ourselves in pretty much if you’re a white person though in IDs you.

And you can just go into any hotel lobby or hotel pool. And, it’s overlooking the Pattaya Bay or the ocean. And, it’s filthy water.

So no one really swims in there but there’s three hours from Bangkok, it’s a nice getaway having a great time right we Tina yes we are happy Valentine’s Day to myself valentine’s day from one. I got the sickness shirt for a hundred baht at the local supermarket. So this beers check Sun check girl’s check surf surf check only thing left to do is party definitely a good conversation starter.

And that lets people know that. I like to party well actually no means. I don’t party, I’m gonna get a marker.

And check that one off eventually hello hello she’s gonna be in my vlog she’s gonna be thrilled well Tiger meals-on-wheels. So, we’re just gonna go meet up with our other friends who are here one of my friends got food poisoning last night. So he’s just been in bed all day he’s not interested.

And this is pitaya beach especially pretty nice but you don’t want to go in the water, it’s like really polluted. And gross but, it’s nice to look at today is off to a very good start. I woke up in a bed with a blanket on it.

I’ve graduated from the towel. I’ve been sleeping with a towel for the past over the month. And you know just wasn’t really doing it for me anymore so.

I went. And splurged. And got a nice bed set.

So this is my ride 280 US dollars. So the bike has brand new rims brand new tires the brakes work like perfectly everything works perfectly like the gear shifting everything yeah, it’s got a really hip. And sexy basket on the front but, it’s actually perfect yeah basically.

I could just lock my helmet. I bought this little cable at one of the supermarkets actually got like the best deal possible the guy wanted ten thousand for it but he actually lost his papers. So he couldn’t prove ownership but.

I kind of went out there to kind of get a feel for him. And it was. So like literally one of the most crazy things ever.

I asked him where he was from he said Vancouver. I was like oh okay like me too. And, I’m like, we’re about to meet Cooper he says, I’m from White Rock.

And of course, I’m from White Rock too. And that’s somewhat high school. And the guy went to the same high school he’s like a 35 year old man who’s now living in Bangkok just teaching English out here.

And he went to the exact same high school. And had some of the same teachers. So pretty crazy.

And yeah, I’m off to class now.

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