Partying in Hong Kong

So last night we went out if you watch the previous vlog you will have seen that. And it is a new day here in Hong Kong day 3. And it just started raining pretty heavy really late start to the day, it’s already 2:00.

And, we’re still at Murphy’s place. So the goals, we’re gonna go out again tonight. So that’s ok we’ll rally hard for that Yahoo just posted a new Instagram photo guys if you’re not already following me, it’s a Christian underscore LeBlanc.

And there’s some really legit photos you can get your daily fix of travel. And bliss. And your life will be forever happier all right there’s beauty blogger Abby Reed doing some beautiful things you’re my least favorite.

So we are off into Hong Kong again going into the island. So we just got to the top of the peak. And now, we’re gonna go to the lookout point looks like, I’m all set up here too.

So, we’re just gonna get some coffee excuse me sir just for paying customers only thank you that’s. So cool you they dressed him. So he came down the peak which is just behind all these buildings.

Partying in Hong Kong Photo Gallery

And this is the really tall tower in Batman. I think, it’s a second tallest tower in Hong Kong. So we just got back to Murphy’s place the Sun is out.

And, we’re gonna go get ready because tonight, we’re going to the world’s tallest bar which is 116 stories up oh no not the dogs again guy beat him up thank you thank you. And, we’re going to floor 116 to Ozone sky bar. So we took a second elevator together see behind up at ozone was ominous, it’s crazy all the other buildings are dwarfed.

I don’t know how they built this thing but it’s so impressive you can see the entire harbour area you can see both sides the islands. And now, we’re gonna order some overpriced strips just a few more minutes until the laser show started.

So this is Hong Kong they believe the show every night at 8 p.m. it might be hard to see but this laser is coming off the top of our roof here.

And there’s lasers going all over the city. And all the buildings will lit up it was really cool colors. I wouldn’t always.

So we are heading out to the next bar. And starting the night off does it really really cool view but drinks are too expensive to stay there all night. So, we’re gonna find a new place, it’s a good starter car late dinner here in we have a gear Brendon lfk back in the club districts ordered five flaming Lambo, it’s the drink we had last night.

And the owner. I guess here they blow flames comes out. So they’ve told us to back all the way up to here here we go get ready guys, we’re doing a lot of art hopping right now.

And trying cool shots we just got it was sabe on our hand if he gives me the wasabi. And then you take the tequila. And then you chase it with tomato juice.

And the wasabi seriously made the tequila. So easy because the wasabi was. So girly.

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