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Always expect rain and be ready for it, keeping rainwear in a conveniently accessible place. Using raingear is a matter of safety as well as comfort. While staying dry is less critical on a warm day, never forget that getting soaked and seriously chilled in cold weather could endanger your life.

Many beginners fear getting caught in the rain, imagining that wet weather will ruin their trip. If you ask an experienced camper about it, chances are you may be told that rain is really no big thing. In fact, some people actually come to enjoy being out in the rain, and find it refreshing, especially in warmer weather. Try to stay open-minded on the subject.

Rain is of course an important part of the weather cycle in much of the United States. Rain is life-giving. Most life on the planet would cease without it. Appreciate rain’s part in the total scheme of things, and rainy days may begin to seem more attractive and interesting to you. As long as you’re prepared, you’ll probably start to feel less like a victim of the rain, and might even find yourself enjoying the entire range of weather.

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