Well guys goodbyes are never easy but it’s time to say goodbye says Romo Plaza it was really nice not having electricity till 9:30 in the morning. I was so hot. I woke up at 5:00 in the morning. I couldn’t fall back to sleep, so I’m pretty much running, on like a previous nice airplane sleep. And then maybe about four hours of sleep last night here in a bed it is such a beautiful day today all right so we have the front desk where we should go for breakfast. And they called us to come like two blocks down this way. I feel pretty safe here. I got to be honest here it’s always good to have a sense of skepticism. And alertness just be kind of on your toes because that’s when you’re going to be able to get yourself out of a problem but I do feel very safe here.

I’ve not been to anywhere so far where I’ve actually felt in danger when I’ve traveled like. I can’t think of a single country where. I was just scared to be there all right these things are so good. I had to get another one little breakfast sandwiches with this deep-fried top. I don’t know what it is but it’s really good chicken inside big thumbs up for me it’s like in the middle of the sidewalk here a giant hole. And I’m not sure, if people stopped a crosswalk here. And I’m not about to find out makes a move here in order to get across ten seconds so here we go alright guys so we’re heading into like this blue Park area. And look at this Panama City absolutely beautiful all right. I think this is it okay guys I’m so excited after last night’s horrible sleep. I don’t think that will be an issue again guys. I want to show you where we’re staying tonight so we got this beautiful kitchen here ironing board won’t be needing that wash machine spare room we’re pretty high up the dining room the lounging room this is one of the bathroom. I think there’s three rooms in total damn damn.


And another bathroom. And the beautiful views to enjoy a beautiful place so we’re here because of corporate stays. And basically it’s like think of being in a hotel except having a livable space so more of like a long-term solution corporate stays gives you apartments lost places where you can have your own kitchen. And you headquartered when you’re traveling or if you’re working in a different city. And I’m just stoked to be here right now, now it’s time to go on an adventure we are going to the Panama Canal right now we’re going to meet with Tanya. And Tanya bridgestone on Instagram. And she’s actually gonna be driving us to the Panama Canal super often like social media makes the world so small because. I get to meet people who are literally on the other side of the world.

And I would have never had that opportunity otherwise so those crane looking things that you see on the water that’s actually helped steven spielberg’s got inspired to create the walker those like four legged things. And star wars that basically view you don’t know I’m talking about you probably like whatever but that’s how he came up with the Walker so cool so basically she’s the flight attendant. And she’s getting ready for a trip to Thailand. And she how long think that my videos gonna like 20 days ago he’s like grams. And once applies to the Thailand one we met Tanya through Instagram another person we met Eduardo last night for Instagram that’s a cool way to meet people but literally how the canal was made they basically had people who are probably extremely underpaid working incredibly long hours this is the coolest piece of machinery I’ve ever seen so this was built in Scotland. And look basically the fifty-two of these buckets they would go in a circle like a chainsaw almost. And the buckets go under the boat they were literally using these buckets underwater to dig up the canal so to understand why you need to pound of now you have to look at this map here basically this is South America this is North America if you can imagine being like a cargo ship. And you need to get from one side to the other before the only options would like to go around the massive continent now you can actually go right through the middle in Panama.

And that’s the value of the Panama Canal the super expensive to cross up now. I think it’s like minimum $500,000 or like your average cargo ship. And it easily goes up to like 900 thousand if you’re a massive partnerships so it’s not cheap but if you think of the expenses of having a group or months. And having to go south of Argentina replace dirt like that’s no good for anyone so one who would rather just pay alright guys it’s going down so basically cruise ship is advancing they’re going to open the gate here soon. And then once they’re in the gate they’ll actually lower the ship until, it’s ready to go way down there so these little ear things there are actually pulling the crew ship along. And it keeps it in place so that it, doesn’t weigh right to cloud where are you taking up you’ve got full rein force we’re going to a jungle yeah we’re. And actually for some fancy once you get enough. And we are kidnapping would be good for view leave a thumbs up on the video if you want to see Blake a kidnap oh I’ve had this before it it’s like the recession yeah what’s a cold how about it guys gonna come here ain’t it all right so they crush up those little bamboo looking sick.

And the watery substance inside of them is this Tanya gasps that’s yes so I’m to try. I didn’t get the closest comparison would probably be like sugar cane. And it’s really sweet it’s refreshing. And it’s especially hot outside right now so. I love my blue. I think. I can there. I love them alright guys when we get lost we also got to get lost in the culture we’re gonna get some hotdogs here kind of mania secret. I got it these are all the animals we can find those armadillos. I already saw you can you can flew right by me they have capuchin monkeys howler monkeys all sorts of stuff. And ants not too often you get all this neatness in one location that’s called nature he prefers Jaguars here right you can buy. I don’t leave you – the whole time into the jungle my Fidel Hills entails engine I’m scared sick butterflies everywhere what a few guys seen this on National Geographic look at these guys they’re all just chopping out pieces of leaves. And carrying it from place to place. I don’t know why they’re bringing it down the tree. I guess they’re getting the leaf up there I’m like a scientist I’m putting this together but look at this it looks like a beehive fun fact ants can lift something nine times their own weight that makes them almost as strong as me you’re the best guide. I know she’s been up since what time according hot for each morning we’ll have to be away of course my pick of supplies supplies you gear game Cleveland flower All Right see you later time yes we just got back to the apartment here. And it’s been an unbelievable day like such an amazing way to start off Panama tomorrow we have some equally big plans in store. And I’m really excited to share that with you guys if you guys enjoyed this video please leave a big thumbs up hit the subscribe button. And let’s get off again tomorrow oh yeah.

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