MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THE WORLD – Taraw Ciff NacPan Beach El Nido Philippines

So last night was okay we slept with one fan yeah actually. I don’t understand our ceiling fan somehow stopped working but our plugs kept working but anyways they gave us a wall. And it was pretty decent.

And I slept okay until 3 in the morning when all this when there’s like a huge commotion outside. So we just found out that it was apparently a big fight people were fighting over in generators. I don’t know why they were fighting over generators but obviously lack of electricity is not only on our nerves, it’s pissing off the whole neighborhood but yeah.

I was kind of scared actually because it was like it almost sounded like someone had like broken into something. And then ran away like it was like a really loud. And sudden fight.

So that kept me awake for at least half an hour til. I felt fine enough to go back to sleep. So it is 6 o’clock in the morning now.

And we are meeting up with Edgar. And he’s gonna take us hiking up into. I don’t know which mountain, it’s not similar to that our guy just showed up.

I thought for sure he wasn’t coming at this point but he’s like 20 minutes later. So think he might still be a bit drunk we’ll see long as you can get to the top of a mountain that’s all good well we were out of the town. And this is a very abrupt start up yeah.

So this hike is ridiculously steep is not a pleasant enjoyable hike but, it’s gonna be rewarding once you get to the top, I’m sweating crazy buckets. And mosquitos are following me in the dozens oh. I really hope this year is nice all the rocks are incredibly jaga’s you get good grip when you’re climbing but you want to make sure you don’t fall that would hurt yeah not a bad incline.

And there’s our view here is the first viewpoint you can start seeing water now incredibly hot. I think this is one of the sways. I’ve ever been but luckily, it’s keeping my mosquitoes at bay because they’re not landing on me because, I’m probably smell.

So bad we have reached the top took about 45 minutes probably been a bit less actually pretty quick. And you can actually hear the church service going on. So you can hear the church bells from here you can oversee the entire little village, it’s beautiful.

MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THE WORLD – Taraw Ciff NacPan Beach El Nido Philippines Photo Gallery

I don’t think. I’ve ever sweat so much in my life my shirt could be ringed out.

And you would Oh yep there’s water coming out of it sweat that is gross know what this is such an amazing experience you can actually hear the singing from the church it’s so beautiful like live music from up on the mountain, it’s unbelievable the hike itself wasn’t that enjoyable, it’s kind of miserable but it was totally worth getting up here we made it back just barely. I got a cut here.

And I cut on this ankle. I got my leg stuck between one of these two boulders. And then basically slipped backwards a tiny bit in it the rocks are just.

So jagged they’re like little knives. So even the slightest fall. And you’ll cut yourself but other than that it was really good hike, I’m kind of happy, we’re done with it because it wasn’t an enjoyable hike but the view itself isn’t like totally worth it an amazing view.

And I’m so sweaty, I’m gonna go back. And shower, we’re gonna get some breakfast.

And then, I’m hoping the electricity back on from there, we’re gonna rent a motorcycle. And go to Joe’s name get knocked on Pocket on anyway another day another mango my post is 87% uploaded. And you just finished breakfast where.

I did I’m so good this place really knows how to make a mean breakfast again if you guys are coming down eat o MJ 88 really really good really cheap, it’s good as usual we lost track of time. And almost lost track of the day we after sweating buckets we came back showered had breakfast.

And the next thing you know, it’s freaking like there’s a two o’clock yeah we woke up at 6:00. I don’t know how that happened but my ankle now is. So swollen, it’s actually, it’s a pretty deep cut.

So, it’s still bleeding a bit. So, I’m have it bandaged short flora tried to bandage it pretty weak attempt but I appreciate it, I’m looking pretty stylish.

I’ve got this really cool helmet on apparently they can charge you like five hundred pesos if they catch you at home here. And especially being a foreigner they’ll take advantage of that. So I’ll be wearing this helmet.

And looking good while doing it this is the definition of going the wrong way, we’re literally in the middle of nowhere, it’s kind of cool out here. And there’s a massive box just chilling he’s got himself covered in mud to cool down, I’m kind of jealous. So this is a Bernice Bernice the Ox oh you’re.

So adorable very useful you have to say scratch that Bernice has balls Bernice is not a Bernice that’s help, we’re lost we had to take like a 30-minute ride down just like dirt road it was actually really cool but kind of dangerous at times it turned into sand. And got really wobbly on the steering wheel any one regret but yeah we went over a dangerous bridge but, we’re here now. And this is actually incredible the beach in the mainland area is not too incredible but this is out of this world, it’s actually.

So nice there’s. So many palm trees there’s no one here. I only see locals.

And there’s maybe 15 to 20 of them there’s no one, it’s crazy, I’m gonna limp around my ankles keeps getting worse. And worse like a look there’s no one here how does that happen we were talking to someone this morning they’re saying actually, it’s just the beginning of low season. So had we been here something like ten days ago everything was actually pretty much full whereas now everything’s empty including the speech on a lower note my leg is starting to look like a goose egg, it’s really swollen.

And there’s like the cuts not too deep but, it’s just murdered, it’s really tender. So hopefully it doesn’t stop me from scuba diving tomorrow. I might even ask if we can push it back a day till it heals a little more.

So this is actually the nicest beach. I’ve ever been to ever seen uh never probably will be -. I think it can get a bit busy but there is nobody here.

I guess because low seasons just starting the weather is perfect my girlfriend’s perfect the beach is perfect oh man. So, we’re gonna look into places to stay here apparently, it’s only like 20 dollars to stay here for the night. And they actually lasted some $15.

So, it’s pretty cheap, it’s just a bit in the middle of nowhere yeah well, it’s like an hour off about half an hour maybe away from the city area. So, it’s kind of difficult to get out here but even the Sun sets over here like, it’s seriously perfect every day. I see my dream every day.

I see mine every day. I see my dream every day. I see my dream over there every day.

I see my dream every day. I see my every day. I see my dream every day.

I see my dream every of every day. I see my dream every day. I see my every day.

I see my dream every day. I see my dream good you grab my hand though okay how are you gonna hurt me Oh Abby. And I are here getting all outfitted getting a life scuba gear ready for tomorrow.

So tomorrow doing three dives here at hell dive, I’m sure you’ve all had your parents tell you to wear a helmet don’t wear because you might crash you should wear because you might get attacked by a bat on our way back. I got a bat to the helmet. I don’t even know how that would have felt to take it to the face but, I’m just glad.

I was able to bounce it off this hard calf here there’s. So many bats that come out here at night like they’re always just going around eating all the bugs because there’s equally as many bugs but no thank you that guy’s telling those what are they ducks duck duck fetuses. So their unborn ducks that were basically aborted.

And now you can eat them you feed legs feathers straight out of the egg. And you like slurp it, it’s really gross people are like a pelican. So I guess delicious try it right to go yeah that’s the one Filipino thing.

I can’t get behind. I can’t get over how good this place is to us like, it’s a budget little gas house. And they are.

So good they’re like everything their customer service they’re cleaning the food they service, I’m just loving this place if you guys come down eat, I’m still, I’m telling you you have to go to MJ 88, it’s the best they even brought me these big bag of ice because my freaking ankle is turned into a golf ball. I can hardly walk. And.

I’ve got a dive tomorrow. So hopefully as ice can help bring down some of the swelling, it’s really hurting about anyways Abby. And I are going to go to bed in the next hour because, we’ve got early morning for diving.

And we will see you then for a big day of diving.

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