Our first day in Palawan. And today a which is about four islands.

And they’re going to take us around these little boats. And right now, we’re taking tricycle to get to the dock you you water already off to an amazing start here in El Nido this is actually like perfection jump to your buddy this is incredible look how blue the water. I can’t go over this way roughly helpful for following our guide to the secret Lagoon this place is absolutely amazing.

I know. I’ve said it a million times but it doesn’t reinforce enough how beautiful this place is like, it’s similar to crabby in Thailand like maya bay area but i’d say this is like even more beautiful than that is. And maya base where the the island was filmed with leonardo dicaprio.

So, it’s known for its beauty but this has nothing on el nido my mom just informed me that kanye west bought a private island in el nido. So maybe i’ll be crashing that later today. So you come through this little rock opening.

And now you have a private lagoon to yourself. So cool. I wouldn’t hang out here yeah well.

I wouldn’t come through here for any other reason to see it but the beach isn’t, it’s not exactly a beach in the rocks are very very sharp here. So I don’t think, we’re going to spend much time here somewhere just to see it, it’s really cool yeah. And that is crocodile rock right there you can see, it’s two little eyes.

And, it’s melt. And, it’s hanging downward. So be careful some dangerous waters out here just south of here is port to Princesa.

And there’s actually lots of crocodile. So you can order crocodiles when you’re at a restaurant, it’s actually like cheaper than chicken cooler, I’m going to cool, it’s not gonna Lori what are your thoughts in this place anything else this is a white girls tumblr dream like Abby is in heaven right now. So am i Abby is trying to get a cool shot for these bracelets we got can.

I have it for a second there, it’s called live loci. And rod gave it to us the guy who we spent about three nights with in what should we call it in Cebu. So yeah he showed us around.

And then at the end of the trip he gave us this little present. And basically how it works is this white bead. And this black bead are supposed to be like working in harmony they represent your highest points in your lowest points the white one is water from Mount Everest.

MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE in the WORLD ISLAND TOUR in El Nido Philippines Photo Gallery

And the black one is the mud from the Dead Sea. So the highest point of Earth. And the lowest point of Earth all on one bracelet.

So, it’s really cool concept yeah, it’s called live loco if you want to check it out. So we just learned that not all the jellyfish can sting you apparently these certain ones don’t have chemicals and. So they can’t actually sting you they just kind of scare you.

And they’re disgusting but there was a couple floating in the water. And the guy picked it up. And threw it at us, it’s just plain mean this one just went cuddled with the bigger dog oh.

I wonder if they’re like brother. And sister Oh clean his teeth that’s a bit much come on man getting a little weird they’re like holding hands well you guys are just the sweetest little lovers in the world lunch is served we got some fish Abby showed the pineapple full of pineapple it off they cut it off to fit inside the wine Apple shell that’s really cool got some pork some chicken some mango. And life is really really good there’s also prawn but.

I do not like drama. So I won’t be touching that oyster this is the clearest water. I’ve ever seen this is crazy still the monkey this is a fourth destination this is all too good smaller than the big lagoon hence the name small lagoon so.

I think we just get out. And swim here. I guess we’ll find out.

And I guess you guys will find out too once. I start filming. I’ve heard of an ice-cream truck but have you ever seen an ice-cream boat over here he’s doing playing music the best day of my life.

I don’t think we brought money no one brought money this look worst day of my life the fish keep lady gloves she’s got a cut on her heel. And obviously they’re like flies they could fight the cops the waters not. So clear as it was earlier but no beautiful.

And there’s not a fish here our last stop of the five stops is this amazing beach here. And, it’s actually. So relaxing we were sitting in the little resort Lauren.

I forgot our wallet. So well she’s been using my money for the past like month because all of her cards got broken into. And cancelled and.

So yeah. I forgot my wallet. And it soon, we’re heading back now this is our fifth.

And last destination. And now, we’re going to go back to the mainland gonna go back to the hotel room get all washed off to the saltwater off. And then go for dinner because, I’m starving.

And then after that ten thousand follower party yeah Abby’s gonna take me out for dinner because okay this is the most beautiful country in the world there’s 7,000 Islands across the Philippines to the merchants like Glen believable, we’ve seen. So many sand beaches some of the clearest water. I like now, it’s been such an amazing time the Philippines already.

And to top it off the people here are amazing surprises no more people traveling here because, it’s honestly my thing, it’s much better than what. I’ve seen like one average in Thailand in we’ll see about Vietnam that’s where next stop but. So far the Philippines.

I would highly recommend the Philippines to anyone. I agree there’s lots of little restaurants along the water at is bars tonight, we’re gonna go check out a reggae bar they made all these malts all these balls. And then they just roll them down this track they made whoa which way is it going Oh almost see you guys, I’m filming children Abby doesn’t want to be associated hey kids mind if.

I play. And this is the town of El Nido there’s lots of beachfront restaurant bars there’s a few little boutique clothing stores. And a lot of tourism so.

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