Monterey Travel Guide

We were more than ready to continue our spring break adventure. Less than an hour later, we were in Big Sur. We were really excited to arrive because we were meeting some great new friends who had driven into Big Sur from King City to hang out with us for the day. Becks and I met Cory and Regan during the beginning of the fall semester. We lived on the floor of the residence hall. At the beginning of the year, the RA through a party for everybody and we played these fun little games that were icebreakers for students in colleges. I guess they worked, because the four of us have been friends ever since.

We hit Big Sur hungry and ready to have fun with our friends. Becks had a restaurant picked out for us, so we headed to the Big Sur Deli. None of us wanted to sit and eat, so we grabbed a variety of cold sandwiches wrapped to go, picked out a few cold drinks, threw everything into the cooler and hit the road. We all had one thing on our mind horseback riding through the Redwood Forest. Becks, once again, had everything arranged and planned out.
The horseback riding trip was great. Calvin, our guide, was really funny and made sure that all of us felt safe. I can’t say enough about the Redwood trees. They are amazing. We ate at the base of a giant tree before heading back to our cars. The only negative was that Regan and Cory had to head back home, and Becks and I had to keep driving south.

We hit Morro Bay about four hours later. It could have been a faster trip, but we took our time and hit a few tourist traps. We also stopped to take about a million pictures. I cannot recommend this drive enough. We were really spun out when we hit Morro Bay, so we just checked into our hotel room, ordered room service, and watched movies.

We woke up early the next morning ready to spend the entire day in Morro Bay. We hit the aquarium first, then went to Morro Rock. When we were planning our trip, Becks and I almost left Morro Rock off of our to-do list. We were so glad we didn’t. We were able to drive down to the bottom of the rock to watch the fishing boats go by, and to see adorable sea otters playing in the surf. I got a lot of great video that day. We also hit the aquarium and walked through a garden of native plants.

At the end of the day, Becks and I both realized that we hadn’t eaten a thing. So, we noshed heartily at the Great American Fish Company. We both loved our meal. We stuffed ourselves with crab, shrimp, and barbecued oysters. It was truly amazing. After our meal, we went back to our hotel for another restful night before we drove back up the coast.

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