Morning we just woke up our place last night was seriously a dive, it’s basically just traditional like Indonesian walls. So, it’s like almost like bamboo walls.

And there’s one little light the water’s cold there’s one plug. And the fan doesn’t work. And there was a cockroach.

And two geckos in our room first thing, we’re doing today is, we’re starting our morning off by going to see the monkey jungle. And, it’s pretty much about five minutes away from where, we’re staying. I don’t know what’s expected but.

I hope there’s lots of monkeys something tells me we are near the Monkey Forest we just like, we’re like. I think that’s it. And then all of a sudden.

I see a monkey sitting on a motorcycle. And yep, I’m gonna have to be careful with my GoPro because, I’m sure they’re gonna grab it if they get the opportunity they’re selling bananas here. So he’s just hanging around Oh showing his teeth he’s messing up the shrine here he’s taking all the rice take five more hands.

I got them all run with the monkeys monkey sighted up ahead sit. So humanely just like legs sprawled open like. I don’t mess with you yeah this one looks drunk little babies.


I can’t decide if, it’s cute or not, it’s probably not cute but they do have some pretty big teeth they’ve been showing it to me a couple times now how do. I feel this at least he’s small like at least he’s tiny but that one’s pretty cute. I don’t want the big ones fine he’s a little under kind of cute mine mine mine mine nervously laughs look lower they rip the lid off that is too funny do you want some water is that what you’re trying to do all right guys.

I’ve run three two one cheese this is like monkey paradise people just come here feed monkeys they just multiply there’s gotta be at least like 50 that, we’ve seen do you see it processing like what do. I want more do. I want the orange or the yam oh it wants the yam great start to the day Abby’s wearing her new dress that she bought for five dollars last night romper, it’s around 3:00.

I I stand corrected we caught it. So they like it when they crack it for them it saves them some work oh my god just give me a heads up if something’s coming towards me yeah, I’m gonna stay away from the room one of the keepers was saying to be careful okay yeah. I don’t really want you to climb me okay okay there’s too many monkeys here evacuate.

I always near one of the big monkeys one of these that keepers like be careful he doesn’t like to share yeah that’s a good point. I here they come he’s MIT the zookeepers making some sort of like a monkey noise. And they’re all coming because he’s throwing food everywhere.

I could work at a monkey monkey, it’s like climbing oh. I got a visitor come on oh my gosh oh. So scary.

I tried to pretend. I didn’t have a fruit because. I wanted to get out of this area.

And it knew it. So it followed me until. I gave it.

I don’t have anymore guys chill Oh Oh Abby oh dear Oh the monkeys are getting a little bit aggressive. So, we’re gonna move on there’s. So many of them here oh my gosh there’s even more on the fence now you’re going crazy, it’s still a banana from this from the lady with the bananas look at them all are they’re all just reading from the gate reading from the gate all just waiting to make their attack look at the little baby Abby this sounds like thinking about jumping on me oh my god they’re kind of scary Abby’s allergies are acting out after she got a monkey on her No note to self you are not capable of having a domestic monkey pip just living the life this is like torture for them their favorite fruit is just inside like they can reach it but if they can’t get it through four guys the older ones like I’ll help the little one.

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