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With the growing trend of camps, many camp organizers have started special camps for people with special needs. This camps aim’s to provide all the adventures normal, children camps offers i.e. a fun and adventures environment where your young one could learns so many things about this world.

At first special kids were accommodated with normal kids in any ordinary camp, but with passage of time people realized that there must be some special camps to cater this particular circle of our society.

Types of programs for individual with special needs:

There are many camps with specific features for your children; there are camps specifically for some chronic illness and some for specific physical disabilities.

Following are the programs offered for your special kids at various camps:

1. Sunday fun day program:

This program is for kids of age 4-12. This program aims to provide a fun, learning environment for you kids by offering the following activities such as, swimming, dancing, yoga, cooking and dancing. All these programs are conducted under the supervision of highly trained supervisors. Your kids are encouraged to take part in group chats, which help them to develop social skills and help them fix their communication problems.

2. New Horizons after School Program:

This after school camp caters that age group of 4-13 years old kids with special needs. The camp aims to provide assistance in your child’s school work. The camp is conducted 5 days a week in which all the other camp activates are also arranged for your children. Highly trained professional will supervise your kids here.

Since it’s a whole week program the camp organizers will pick and drop your kids from the surrounding areas. A proper enter test is conducted for the selection of kids.

3. CLASSP Program:

It’s a special program for your special teenagers, after the completion of the program, high school students would receive 1 college credit and college going students would receive3 to 6 elective credits.

Supervisors by applying their skills and knowledge help your special ones to develop their strength by creative activities such as, art and craft, dance, yoga and drama

Importance of camps for the growth of your special kids:

Camps are really effective for your child’s development. It provides a chance to them to grow in the directions they want. Camps has been helping children grow into independent young individuals, following are the benefits of attending a camp:

1. Camps help to boost your little one’s confidence.


2. Make them take decisions for themselves.


3. Provide a natural environment and help them understand how important it is to look after our environment.


4. Help them socialize and make new friends.


5. Help them in learning new skills, which would help them forever in their lives.

Choosing the perfect camp for your special child:

Camps are always fun, but it’s the job of parent to find the most suitable camp for their kids.

A parent must consider the following things before selecting a camp:

1. Are you ready?

Kids are always excited about camps, but is the parent ready to send his/her child away for a long time. parents with special child might face a harder time than any other parent, so sending your child to a camp will not only benefit him but will also give you some time to relax.

2. Finding the right camp

With so many camps, you can choose easily the one which suits you best. It is important that you know what the activities at camp are, how they are planning to accommodate your special kids there. Do they have medical staff and therapist there to assist your child? These are important question that a parent must know.

3. Preparation:

Help your child pack the perfect bag with all his/her essentials and requirements. Tell them how excited you are for their little adventure and that he/she can do it.

Author’s bio:

Christen is an employee of Kings Bay Y Camps, and recommends that kids with special needs must at least once get to go on such camps.

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