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Campfires have ceased to be a necessity for the most part, since lightweight stoves are widely available for cooking. Fires are in fact prohibited in an increasing number of wilderness areas. Having a campfire can no longer be taken for granted.

Campfires can have a considerable impact on the environment, Miami Travel Guide leaving scars on the earth, and through carelessness occasionally sparking a forest fire. Also, fueling a campfire requires lots of dead wood which would otherwise be available to enrich the soil.

In practicing low-impact camping, try to refrain from having a fire except when you’ve got a good reason for one. Appropriate conditions include uncomfortably cold weather and also serious bug problems. Start and tend a fire with the greatest caution. If having a campfire means seriously disturbing vegetation and leaving a lasting scar, don’t build one except in an emergency.

In the coming years campfires are likely to be banned in an increasing number of places, due to their impact and the damage which continues to occur. See Chapter 10 for more about fires.

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