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Choosing what drinks to feature is the next crucial step. A variety of non-alcoholic beverages and water types should be considered so people can take it easy between drinks. But when it comes to wine, consider everything. What food will be served, and what pairs best with it? Does the timing call for festive-themed beverages? Who will be attending, how old are they, and how many people from either gender also may make a difference. Older people may enjoy classier beverages as a treat, and while there is no strict guidelines between men and women and what wines they may enjoy, you may want to choose more sparkling or white wines, or dessert wines, for your lady friends, or deeper red wines for the gents. But hey, they are your friends. You know them better than I.

When you have decided on your selections, stock the bar up. Bring forth the go-to ‘house’ wines for those who just want to have a simple night of enjoyment, but keep your features close behind them. The adventurous friends are the ones who will want to skip the go-to drinks and dive into something new.

There is also absolutely nothing wrong with beginning the night with a round of Champagne for all attendees. It doesn’t need to be costly Champagne but do try to remember, you are trying to treat everyone to a great night. Sometimes a little spoil gets rewarded.

Of course, you may also choose to serve the Champagne at the end of the night instead. After all, the best rewards come after everything else.

The banquet hall should be made aware this is specifically a wine tasting event. They should be able to make buckets available on every table should guests want to spit their wine out to prepare for the next one. And let’s be clear, if they do intend to do this, serve less wine per glass. No one needs a beer bottle’s worth of wine just to spit it out and move on. Try offering a shot glass worth of wine to those guests. Pour the wine into a shot glass for measuring and then into the proper wine glass so your guests may swirl it and discover the colors and scents. Learn More about Miami Wine events from wine bloggers.

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