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Mexico is one of the World’s most popular and attractive destinations. From weddings, en-gagements and bachelor parties, it’s perfect climate offers everything. The Riviera is well known for it’s stretch of larger compound type hotels that offer all inclusive style vacations.

My partner and I stayed in one of the all inclusive resorts, which was amazing. There was a pool outside our room, three meals per day were completely catered for and there was entertainment each evening. One of the main issues was the compound type feel of staying in the resort for the entire two weeks.

Before heading to Mexico, we looked at what the options were to get out and explore. Mexico is known for it’s history from the ancient mayan ruins.

From cenotes, to quad driving and climbing the ancient ruins, the beauty of the country really had me in awe.

Our first day, we arrived in Cancun, which is actually about an hours drive away from the Riviera Maya. We didn’t book our trip through a travel agent, so any specific discounts had to be found through the web. One of the first things I looked for was Amstar Coupons. Amstar are one of Mexico’s largest tour operators and offer lots of discounts through third party coupon sites like I got 5% off the cost, which while wasn’t a huge amount still saved me around $20. They offer Cancun airport transfer coupons and Riviera Maya airport transfer codes also!!

One of the best things we did whilst there, was the temple ruins. They were breathtaking. And they’re huge. Don’t expect to get to a small remote single temple. When you arrive, you are greeted at the parks’ entrance, and it really is a park. The entrance greets you with a long walkway up to an open area where the blood sports were played. That’s right – Bloodsports. Sports where one would play against another and the aim of the game is to terminate your op-ponent.

We went through small caves and walkways, homes, basketball type courts. It was phenome-nal. If you have the energy once you’ve actually reached the main temple, you can climb the entire thing – but be prepped, it’s steep as hell. And if you slip, you’re toast. It might not look like anything but once you’re halfway up the concrete steps, you realize just how steep it is. The views from the top however, are breathtaking and offer a 360 view of the forests with the occasional temple sticking out of the trees. It’s definitely a MUST when visiting these areas.

The only thing with Mexico, are the prices. I think we paid something like $80 each to visit the temple. So saving money wherever you can is vital if you’re on a budget. Make sure you check out Google for stuff such Amstar coupon codes, or Amstar discount codes. It really is worth it. Again, I use Amstar as the reference as I found so many discount codes for them and they’re really a legit company.

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