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Ever since the very first horseless carriage hit the road, people have wanted to push their cars faster and faster. It’s a need that pulses through almost every vehicle enthusiast’s blood. Why else would the need for speed be so saturated in our culture? From Commander Cody’s Hot Rod Lincoln to Sammy Hagar’s I Can’t Drive 55 to any number of street racing games and movies; we are a world obsessed with flying down the freeway.

So, where can an adrenaline-starved gearhead go to get his or her fix on all things fast? (Without breaking the law, that is.) Surprisingly, there are plenty of places across the globe with high, even unlimited, speed limits.

American Power, American Speed

Speed limits are oft the bane of many American drivers. According to, speeding tickets cost U.S. speed demons upwards of $3.25 billion per year. Luckily, you don’t have to go all the way to Europe to get a taste of the true open road experience.

Arizona’s Route 79

This toasty tarmac boasts an average speed limit of 88mph. The scenery isn’t bad either; the route flies through some of the most gorgeous parts of Arizona’s Sonoran desert. A true road-tripper’s paradise straight out of the movies.


The Lone Star state is infamous for doing everything bigger and better than everyone else. The roadways are no exception. 78mph is the average across the state, and some stretches jump up as high as 85! (This includes the Austin-San Antonio toll road, which might make paying the toll actually worthwhile.) All that speed comes in handy when you’re in cattle ranch country. (Phew!)


With beautiful untamed wilderness on virtually every side, Wyoming boasts some of the prettiest country views in the world. More populated highways average 75mph, while rural roads can jump up to 80. With all those gorgeous views, however, you may find yourself slowing down to take it all in.


Rolling hills and less-than-smooth thoroughfares may be more than enough to get your blood pumping. If you’re really looking for a rush, though, Idaho’s highways average 77mph.

Test The Limit In Europe

When you think of unlimited speedways, you probably think of any number of European roads. Infamous for their limitless highways and beautiful scenic routes, European highways tickle adrenalin junkies worldwide.

Germany’s Autobahn

Come on, you knew we’d have to put this infamous racer’s utopia somewhere! The Autobahn’s signage says it all: a circle with a strike says you can drive as fast as your car will allow. The dream of many street racers is to take on the Autobahn, which is surprisingly not as accident prone as some may think. If you find yourself in Germany, you should definitely give this one a go.

Isle of Man

Though a British dependency, the Isle of Man is self-governing, meaning they make the rules. Or more accurately, they insist on a lack of rules. This is the most obvious on the rural throughways, where there is no speed limit. Many have tried to wrangle in the Isle’s drivers, but they’ve all failed.

Italy’s A1

Technically this road has a speed limit of 93mph, but it’s hard to tell with the slew of sports cars that go flying far beyond it. Tickets are extremely uncommon on this highway, making it the perfect playground for racing enthusiasts.

Poland’s Autostradas and Bulgaria’s Trakia Highway

Every highway in Poland has a speed limit of 87mph, as does the Trakia Highway in Bulgaria. In fact, the Trakia is the only highway in Bulgaria. It’s a straight line running through the country, but that shouldn’t stop you from stopping to enjoy the sights.

Gripping Global Treats

Outside of the U.S. and Europe there are still plenty of fast-paced roadways to satisfy your lead foot.

Australia’s Northern Territory

Up until recently, the Northern Territory had no speed limit at all. Why the change? Too many people were having head-on collisions with kangaroos. (That’s Australia for you.) Now the limit is a still-speedy 80mph, though few tend to follow it.

Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Unlike the Autobahn, this limitless highway is home to a lot of car accidents. It’s become notorious for being one of the most dangerous freeways in the world. There’s a good reason: Too many drivers in too little space going too fast. Take this one at your own risk.

As you can see, there are many legal routes to take your need for speed. Unfortunately, many have risked treating the local county farm road like the Autobahn and end up paying for it. Luckily, a traffic school (like yours truly) can help smooth out some of those speed bumps when you get a little too hyped up on the freeway. Traffic school can help with license points, ticket dismissals, and even help you become a better driver. If you need help getting back on the road after your latest speedster fantasy went awry, talk to a traffic school today.

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