Three to another that’s crazy there’s hundreds of these massive butterflies going everywhere waiting to strike fresh air butterflies greenery nice cool temperature. And as always good company sorry suppose for your shoulder. So funnier guys has to be like five foot of guitars.

I’ve never felt. So locked all my life like. I think out of all Asian countries he visited like this is the tallest.

I’ve ever felt. So this is all string made from marijuana hemp. So they actually use marijuana for a lot of things here.

And smoking is not one of them apparently according to the guide show she was saying the Village People don’t actually smoke it the only people really smoke it are the tourists who come by plastic hello. So here’s the rice yeah. So, it’s a flooded field.

And obviously the rice grows in there somehow. I actually don’t know how it works but we will hopefully find that out today our guide has three circular marks on our forehead. And we were asking her what they’re from.

And actually. I guess in Vietnamese traditional medicine or whatever you want to call it they actually to get rid of hell headaches they’ll take something hot. And they’ll put on your forehead.

And obviously it leaves a burn mark but she claims that. I get to review headache, I’m personally gonna stick to Advil but yeah each to their own this is. So beautiful my house this sweaty.

And love story of a trip to Southeast Asia. So we are heading over to this mountain where the village is. And then in the distance you can see other villages set up along the mountainside actually crazy how big these mountains are.

I don’t think the GoPro will do it justice but it’s so beautiful you can see the peaks of the other ones over there like right through the clouds the peaks are actually above the clouds too. And, we’re even up in the clouds.

And now the clouds are about to swallow this hole where did the mountains go look at him he’s following his dreams reach for the stars my friend. I think we can all learn something from the mountain go what do you think la. I think.

So too people expect is like see travel vlogs they just see animals the entire time well welcome to Southeast Asia. And I will show you its wildlife this here is Joffrey some people call Jeffrey he gets upset, it’s Jeffrey. And this is a full-grown rooster he likes to cluck.

And he loves to run hey Jeffrey oh there he goes since dragon you struggling Christian this is the first rice field, we’ve really seen up close. I think there’s a lot more to come but we shall see also in Bali, we’re going to Abood. And just outside Buddhas UNESCO site so.


I think, it’s about half an hour. And to an hour by scooter. And we’ll check that, it’s also a massive rice paddy.

And I think the rice patties in Bali will be a bit different it’ll be a bit more vibrant in green here they’re more mountainous. And, it’s more of a rainy climate here. I believe yeah this is one way after responding to it you know imported from the US hello, we’re pretty deep into the village now.

So, we’ve told you left all the main trails. And, we’re heading towards their village we can actually see it, it’s just down there further down the mountain. So I think, we’re probably about half an hour away maybe a bit less my legs are setting to get a bit tired from all this uphill downhill the downhill is definitely the worst part.

I just heard it Gong way down there. And show was just telling us that. I guess not only.

So there’s lots of Catholics. And Christians in this little village but there’s also shamans and. So the shamans.

And the Christians don’t really get along but that’s the shaman. I guess they have their ritual gong or whatever. So black magic is present.

So this is cha cha hello cha this is shows daughter. And their son her son’s name is Joe where’s Joe hi there she’s found the candy yeah thank you so much hey Joe thing.

So, we’re inside the village now we just met shows daughter her son. And her mother-in-law. And inside the village they have running water.

So they actually a pipes that kind of run from the waterfall all the way to their homes they go swimming here yeah. And do people drink this water a little bit higher up, it’s fresh yeah yeah our new honorary guide Shah where do we go next Shah. I won’t touch it but yeah now into the village so.

I thought, it’s a nice looking school is it a good school yeah one of the locals we just passed by his blind. I cannot imagine getting through this train if you couldn’t see it’s so rocky but he’s found his way, it’s incredible how people can adapt we just asked show what, it’s like to send our kids to school.

And she said the schooling here is ok um she sends her kid to primary school. And, it’s free until high school if she wants to go to high school she has to send a kid all the way in to stop LA and. So, we’ve been walking for about 4 hours almost just to get to their village.

I mean you could take a motorbike but, it’s more the fact that once they get to high school they actually have to pay and. So we asked do you think you’ll be sending your kids to high school. And she wasn’t sure obviously because of the money aspect.

So you know for the average villager. I think high school is kind of an unattainable goal that’s a very happy looking dog you came to greet us he’s not sure he’s a little nervous ok he’s nervous. And, we’ve just arrived at shows mother’s house oh there’s our puppy hey hello all right Laurie Lucky’s he’s trying.

So hard come on man you can make it you can make it boy I’ll help you come on come on a little bit of marijuana tea here in the village well cheers guys, it’s like, it’s like bright yellow. And this is the mom’s home of our guide sha oh he’s like, I’m tired that’s you yeah say hi say hello say hello they’re so fascinated by the posts it’s so funny. So we’ll film them. And then we show them the clip.

And they’re just. So riveted look yeah was that cool don’t play again here we’ll make it bigger oh yeah you. And, we’re off back to the village by bike luckily, it’s not a four-hour walk back another chart if that’s not all thank you.

So much see you bye Julie. And off we go well, we’re up higher in the mountain right now. And, we’re going through all these hotels like there’s a whole other type of city that we obviously missed out on this is amazing.

I feel like, I’m in like the Swiss Alps right now because, it’s such an incredible mountain range. And the buildings here personality character. I still like where we say it was cheap but.

I think we should have definitely checked out this place it is. So cool with the head we just discovered like a new part of the city that’s a actually the city oh, we’re like oh this city’s pretty dead, it’s nice because the city’s over there well, it’s not dead, it’s just like the most incredible parts over there, it’s like on the mountain range, it’s unbelievably beautiful but if. I could put today in one where to be authentic like we got taken around we actually got to see how they live we got to see you know some of their culture.

And what, it’s about. And, I’m just. So stoked to begin to Safa was a nice change from yeah Abby.

And I both agree we could have stayed here much longer but great trip. And now we got to head back to annoy. So pretty much every time, we’re about to change countries we come down to like our last few dollars.

And we try to avoid taking money under the ATM. And it basically it leads to either like like famine or fit or partying because we either have so much money left over that we need to spend it all or we have.

So little that we have to pace ourselves. And in this case, we’re starving. So, we’ve got two meals here Abby.

And I just consumed our last meals for like the next. I don’t know 12 two more hours but hopefully we have enough to take the taxi to the airport if not. I don’t know we’ll get a good walk in tomorrow morning yeah we just don’t want to ease IAM because every time you see ATM, it’s five dollar ATM charge from back home the Canadian bank.

And then, it’s another like five dollar ATM charge from the local bank. So the Vietnamese. So, it’s like really really expensive especially if you just need to take out $10 like to pay another $10 for transaction fees it makes no sense.

So yeah. I enjoyed that last meal, I’m going to maybe finish off the last couple bites because it’ll be my last couple bites for watch update number two. I think we might have maybe secured my new account but.

I said that last time. And then he took it back like a few hours later. I think in China but this time we tried everything we literally like.

I installed apps. I changed all passwords. I avoided using my own phone in case it has like spyware or something.

So, I’m hoping this is the final straw. And then that’s the end of it. I also contacted the hacker.

I know who it is. And I think. I might have surprised him a little bit when.

I showed how much. I actually know about him thanks oh thanks to Abby. And an anonymous person who contacted us on Instagram huge thanks to her you actually may be the reason.

I get made scream back. So thank you to you for giving us a little bit of information elite on that. And to you mr.

Hacker. I hope you’re reading this it’s so pretty here this is actually such an incredible Boniadi everyone to join Joe on you hell are we, I’m getting G gigaphoto close yeah never holding no we about weeding way better yeah hey oh they’re all they’re all asking Christian for photo right now for some reason.

And it comes to these attractive white male they all seem into that kind of thank you not. I mean okay yeah yeah no more okay like both of us. I look crazy okay okay you can wear this because they took literally 30 photos of us like there get one photo they get individual photos when they get group photos then they get like dual photos like Abby and.

I. And then singles it was cream wanted you though they definitely don’t want me another ugly baby will get me it was like. I was missing they’d like to think they’re all in the man.

I think there was definitely a strong homosexual vibe on that one potentially they stroked my hand a little bit yeah the guy what you got. And they grabbed they grabbed my arm a little bit but I mean.

I don’t blame him probably no they’re probably.

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