Mauritania Travel Guide

We are all set to ring in new year soon. With the year ending soon, the time of year end holidays is here.

Now, rather than spending last night of the year at home quietly watching TV and munching on chips, people like to celebrate the new year eve with loved ones at some holiday destination.

December being a travel busy period. It is difficult to book tickets and hotels. If you do hotel and travel bookings now, it is possible that you might be duped or charged exorbitant prices by the travel companies. Hotel accommodation and amenities could also be an issue.

Here’s a solution, why not make your bookings online. Yes, now you can make all your travel bookings online and that too without any hassles. It was earlier, when one had to run after travel agents for bookings details or refunds or any other issue. At times one also had to cancel the programme due to pity issues. But now, as you can do everything in just few clicks, it’s simple to sort everything. There are many travel websites like, MakeMyTrip, ibibo etc that will make your trip comfortable and memorable.

Check out the reasons that will make you book your travel tickets and hotels online.

One Stop Shop

While making bookings online, you don’t have to coordinate with different vendors.You can search your destination easily on the travel website. Check out the details of the desired destination. Search for flights/trains/bus, make the bookings for your desired travel medium. Once all this is done, you can also make your hotel bookings in a jiffy. While looking for flights you can also click on the combo search, it will provide you combo results of flights plus hotels. One it will consume less time and second you would have to pay less. This way, you can cut down on your travel bill.

Seamless Connectivity

While making bookings online, you don’t have to coordinate with multiple vendors. And you get all the information on emails that means all the terms and conditions, along with the itinerary and all the information about the travel is in written format. You get alerts in the form of messages, so that you can be informed immediately in case if there are any delays. You can also reschedule your travel or cancel online. The amount is refunded in few business days without any issues.


Making online bookings is safe and secure. You can make safe online transactions without giving out your details to the world.

Coupons and Cashback
Online travel deals and coupons do cut down your bill like anything but travel coupons and cashback offers work as bonus. You can apply these coupon codes or grab cashback deals while making online bookings. MakeMyTrip travel deals and coupons that can be availed while making the online bookings. It will cut down your travel bill by a wide margin. While using mobile wallets or paying through Paytm you can getcashback.

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