Marble Mountain Tailored Suit Shopping

It’s really pretty you can definitely tell the difference though it already feels a lot more Chinese Vietnam touching China. So as we get higher up into Vietnam we definitely start feeling more of the Chinese influence here and.

So even the architecture here very much Chinese zoo lory we wouldn’t have gotten this experience if we just taking the elevator you can smell the incense that are being burned engine, I’m a lion. So, we’re gonna follow the staircase. And keep climbing all the way to the top of the Marble Mountain feel like, I’m climbing the Great Wall of China.

And this is the tower up on the hill it’s so cool, it’s really cool cause you can already see the difference between southern Vietnam. And Central.

I feel like. I’ve actually changed countries even the landscapes different, it’s way more arid. And desert II here the water is still beautiful.

And, we’ve yet to check out the beach but we’ll be doing that smell. So beautiful we just arrived at. I think what’s the top of the mountain.

And this is bond town cave on the Marble Mountain. And you keep going, it’s kind of creepy said Lauren first make sure everything’s safe these Chinese characters know oh my God look bad lower back yeah hey guys hey there sir, I’m going up to check your ticket oh wow you can smell the incense from here it smells. So good in here you can see a Buddhas then actually cut out of the rock face here much Kaveri oh my gosh.

I wasn’t expecting this holy Toledo this is the coolest cave. I’ve ever been in there just add massive buddha structure carved into the cave. And you can actually see the light coming through the hey.

I think, it’s cuz the incense are burning that you can actually see a bit of a smoke layer well well well all right guys, we’re doing it crashing in on Abby’s vlogging Louis vlogging right now, we’re gonna join this hey guys. So now you’re part of two vlogs right now hey guys yeah my vlog – what better way to end the trip than a gift shop gift shop everything is the gift shop you could be in the middle of the jungle. And see like a temple.

Marble Mountain Tailored Suit Shopping Photo Gallery

And there’d be a gift shop Lauren. I came back to the hotel fell asleep went for a swim. And now, we’re gonna go meet our friends out for dinner.

I need to get, I’m pushing it off way too late. I was supposed to go find a tailor today we are custom-made toilets. And there like 120 to 180 US dollars.

So. I’ve narrowed it down. And I want this one as far as the Blues go.

And then just want to take another look. So for my block, I’m gonna go with this one. And I want a taupe color fabrics figuring things out then do we have these iPads each on the iPads it looks pretty cool between this with this what do you think matches with it because it always.

I do too actually sure what colors. I have have away. So we just purchased our suits Abby got one suit.

I got three. I got a trench coat. I got five shirts three ties.

And three handkerchiefs a little pocket squares. So pretty excited for both Abby. And I was like.

I don’t know 880 us. So I probably spent about 150 fursuits. I spent like 34 shirt.

And they threw in the tie. And the handkerchiefs were free. So I was pretty cool, we’re at like pretty much one of the top now at equality suit shop shops in Iran.

So, we’re paying a premium for sure but I want to make sure everything’s done properly. And everything makes it back home because we have to actually ship it back.

I can’t be carrying that around well back package and. So, we’re gonna go get some dinner now. And I’ll be doing my first fitting tomorrow at 1:30 p.

M. we just had to dinner after purchasing a lot of suits. And these are our friends from France I’ll link their travel blog below huh speaks French.

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