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Image Landsat / Copernicus Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NCA, GEBCO Image IBCAO Google Earth. A few impressions before starting my grand tour. Wild Coast Tented Lodge is Sri Lanka’s most luxurious safari lodge. The lodge is located near Yala National Park. Yala is Sri Lanka’s most famous wildlife reserve, known for its leopards. The last part of the journey is on a dirt road. Keep an eye out here for leopards (Yala has the world’s highest leopard density). Arrival at the lodge. Check-in is done at the open-plan arrival pavilion. The lodge is a Relais & Chateaux property. R&C is a global fellowship of individually owned and operated luxury hotels. Please stay on the pathways & don’t step into the wooded areas.

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The lodge is not fenced off. Animals like elephants, sloth bears and leopards may visit the resort grounds atriig. Wild Coast Tented Lodge is not fenced off. Elephants, leopards, crocodiles, wild boar, sloth bears & other denizens of Yala could enter the area around the Lodge as there is no physical impediment to stop them & may frequent the area around the water holes at night. We request you not to walk around at the Lodge at night under any circumstances unless accompanied by a staff member.

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Yala is home to two species of primates, the grey langur the big grey monkey that may peer through the porthole window of your tent or the smaller mischievous macaque that is brown in colour. Do not leave any personal belongings or clothing on the deck or outdoors as these two curious primates may just confiscate it. Feeding of animals habituates them, causing them to eventually lose their fear of humans. Animals become a nuisance and danger to people prompting the authorities to destroy them. The lodge features 28 tented accommodations. The tents take on the shape and colour of the rocky boulders that lay scattered nearby.

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The tents are grouped in 6 clusters. These six clusters carry the scientific name of animals in the park (e.g. All cocoons feature a similar layout. Four tents have a private pool, and eight tenths are neighbored by urchin tents (for children). The tent is decorated in a vintage safari theme. It features an open-plan sleeping and living area beneath a high-domed roof. All cocoons feature sumptuous four poster beds. A single folding bed can always be provided when you travel with a friend. Several in-room brochures explain Sri Lanka’s tea history. Resplendent Ceylon, the lodge’s mother company, started as a tea estate. The bathroom features an open-plan design. The freestanding bathtub, sinks and fittings are crafted from handmade copper.

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The bathroom has two separate canvas-walled cubicles. These are used as a shower and a toilet. All cocoons offer air conditioning, hot and cold running. There’s also a colonial-style minibar inside the tent. Minibar items are not included in the room rate. The watering holes attract wild boars and The wildlife can be observed from the cocoons’ outdoor viewing deck. Let’s explore the lodge’s main facilities. Located oceanfront, the main building comprises a restaurant, bar, pool; and libr. The main building is made of bamboo. The unique design blends in with the distinctive rock formations of. The design is masterminded by Nomadic Resorts. Nomadic Resorts is a consortium of Dutch, English and Sri Lankan designers. The open-air, bamboo-clad pavilion looks gorgeous.

The decor mirrors the boulders scattered across the golden beach beyond. A free-form swimming pool wraps around the pavilion. The fabulous pool snakes between the restaurant and bar. The property is managed by Resplendent Ceylon ^resplendent Ceylon is a Sri Lankan family company that started as a tea business. The Fernando family founded Dilmah Tea back in 1988. This is the first and only producer-owned tea brand in Sri Lanka. Their first resort was award-winning Ceylon Tea Trails. This lodge comprises restored colonial era tea planter residences in the Central Highlands. In 2014, the family opened 5-star Cape Weligama.

This luxe cliffside retreat near Galle set a new benchmark for luxury travel in Sri Lanka. This lodge near Yala was added to their portfolio last year. The family also plans a resort near Sigiriya, in the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka. All Resplendent Ceylon hotels strive to be sustainable. 10% of profits go to a charitable foundation and a conservation project. This is the lodge’s only restaurant. Food is delicious (I show breakfast, lunch, and dinner later in this clip). Some include half board (breakfast + dinner or lunch), some full board.

A lawn is located in front of the dining pavilion Several sun loungers are set around the pool. Sri Lanka is best visited from December to mid-April. Weather during this period tends to be less rainy (although showers can occur at any time). xa is best visited from December to mid-April. feathers during this period tend to be less rainy (although showers can occur at any time). The lawn gives way to the wild shoreline. The rocky shoreline and gold sand beach are truly spectacular. I explore the beach area later in this clip. Let’s first go back to the main pavilion for some more impressions & a hearty lunch.

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