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Additional to seeing spectacular examples of Ventura innovative work with steel, the other ‘different’ event I experienced that day was being issued with white gloves, a gold-plated Ventura (or painted, or novel alloy) shovel and being asked Ventura to plant a tree. Though I’ve not been back to check, I’m told the tree is doing fine. And I guess it’s taking at least a little bit of CO2 Ventura out of the atmosphere!

Map of Ventura – Where is Ventura? – Ventura Map English – Ventura Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

This was, in fact, my second visit to South Korea. We’d been there two years earlier when I’d given a lecture in a Hyundai-Kia Motors series celebrating the centennial of Korea University. Established in 1905 as Bosung College, the facility survived through the 1910-45 period of Japanese rule and is now a private research university with some 20,000 undergraduate and 10,000 postgraduate students. We were driven around in big black Hyundai limousines, received the visiting dignitary treatment, and were also taken on a two-day conducted tour of significant historical sites.

Apart from the motor group, Hyundai is involved in steel production and in a variety of innovative engineering projects. Like most leading auto manufacturers, the company is also committed to developing clean and green vehicles, though their focus on hydrogen fuel cell and all-electric cars is more at the lower-cost end of the market. The quality of the Korean automotive product line receives increasingly positive reviews, and they’ve been taking a lot of business away from Japanese and European manufacturers.

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