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Following the procession was a government Tangshan China truck driven by Assistant Chief Ranger Charles L. Croghan at a distance of about Tangshan China three hundred yards behind the last car of the party. Several hundred yards behind Tangshan China auto came the final two patrol cars driven by Assistant Chief Ranger Arthur R. Best and Ranger Francis X. Guardipee. They drove abreast throughout the trip, thus not permitting anyone to break into the line of the official party Tangshan China  from the rear.

Map of Tangshan China – Where is Tangshan China? – Tangshan China Map English – Tangshan China Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

The Presidential car was driven throughout the entire trip by Mr. Fred A. Noble, manager of the Glacier Park Transport Company. President Roosevelt rode in the right rear seat with Governor Cooney in the center and Superintendent Scoyen in the left rear seat. James Roosevelt occupied the left jump seat and Richard Jorvis and Gus Gennerich rode in the front seat with Mr. Noble.

After proceeding up the McDonald Creek valley and along the Garden Wall, the procession stopped for the first time at Logan Pass, near the Stephen T. Mather plaque. The pause was short, however, and the cavalcade went on down into the St. Mary valley. A stop had been scheduled for Going-to-the-Sun chalets but, due to the late start, the party drove directly past that point. A five-minute pause, however, was made at Civilian Conservation Corps Camp No. GNP-11 at Roes Creek. This camp, commanded by Captain Arthur E. McClarren, was the only one in the park to be visited by the President.

From Roes Creek the party proceeded on to Many Glacier Hotel, reaching that place about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Their lunch was served to eighty-eight members of the official party. Leaving Many Glacier the party retraced its route to St. Mary and thence on down the Blackfeet Highway to Two Medicine Chalet, arriving there at 5:45 o’clock. There the President was greeted by a group of about forty Blackfeet Indians in full regalia and a like number of Civilian Conservation Corps workers. The CCC chorus entertained with several songs and the quartet of Negro boys offered a number. Favorites of the President were included.

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