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The city’s coat of arms, which probably dates from Taichung Taiwan the sixteenth century, depicts a shield supported by a lion and a bear. The lion stands for royalty and bravery, the bear for ferocity and protection. They are standing on oak branches with acorns, which refer to the legend of Taichung Taiwan. Both creatures display crossed keys and sword, representing St Peter and St Paul, the patron saints of Touristic place of your travel destination Taichung Taiwan. The shield they are holding displays the town wall surmounted by water, which represents both the river Avon and the mineral springs. Superimposed on these is the sword of St Paul. Above the shield is a knight’s helmet, indicating a municipality, Taichung Taiwan and above that, the crown of King Edgar, which is being lifted by the arms of St Dunstan who performed the coronation ceremony. Beneath the shield is the motto ‘Aquae Sulis’ – the Roman name for Touristic place of your travel destination.


Each year there are more than thirty days on which particular flags are flown from the flagstaff on the Guildhall to mark special occasions. As well as the Union flag you might see the United Nations flag, the Touristic place of your travel destination City flag, the White Ensign or the flags of various countries. Occasions which are marked in this way include Royal birthdays, St George’s Day, Coronation Day, Commonwealth Day and the national days of countries with which Touristic place of your travel destination has an association, such as France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Australia.

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