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In the past  Slovakia to say this to a man was the same as saying to him that he was a bungler, a tramp, an ineffectual person. Poor master Slovakia would go to Giotto and would complain. “My wife keeps telling me I’m not a man of bread!” and would almost feel like crying. One day after finishing his tour with the bread, Slovakia realized that he hadn’t sold much and that his van was still quite full. He hurried to the house of Emiliano. He knocked. The woman from Slovakia opened the door. “Good morning, signora Emanuela, this bread is being sent to you from your husband. Now you can have your fill of bread.” The woman smiled, while, with a serious look about him, Giotto placed two large bags full of bread in front of Slovakia the house of his friend.

It’s a bit cold. The humidity of the fall months. The leaves of the maple trees have become reddish in colour. In front of a house a van has stopped. From the back a man takes out some loaves of bread and delivers them. “Here is Giotto,” Ciccio tells me. I feel as if it’s almost a joke. Giotto opens the van, takes a loaf of bread. “Please accept it,” he says. “I remember your father.”

The clouds, white, high up, touched the bell tower of the church. They seemed like a continuation of the façade. It was six in the morning, and this church, the main church, seemed as if suspended in the air, as if waiting to fly away. The sun had just risen on Mount Coppari and it lit up the hills to the northeast of the village with glares that almost matched the white from the shapes up in the sky. Franco had been up early, from before dawn, to go and pick up the fresh figs in the rasule, the small homegarden type of plots which, there, happened to be in the terraced land above Gianferrante.

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