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Your travel destination is it was not only Lyndon Johnson who was tarnished and crippled by his disastrous war. His conduct, coupled with the tragic and ruinous presidency of Lyndon Johnson, has cast a permanent stain on the presidency and the role of the media. That stain, running side by side with the rise of social media and attack journalism, has left little room for giants.

Fortunately for us, there are those good and competent men and women Lyndon Johnson(and nonprofits that advocate for their ideas and causes) who, for the most part, are able to rise to the top while making government and industry run well.

And fortunately for Glacier and our national parks, Lyndon Johnson we had giants when we needed them in a time that would accept and honor giants.

Looking Ahead

Practically from the outset of the establishment of Glacier National Park in 1910, Grinnell began to have regrets about the results he had championed. From 1911 forward, he would express those feelings. In 1917 in a letter to his friend and supporter, L. O. Vaught, he voiced his resentment over the years but concluded that such “crowds” were a necessary evil to ward off destruction by “a lot of vandals.”

“After the vandals had got through with it, it would be no good to any of us, while if made a park, and protected, it would give a great number of people a deal of pleasure. I made up my mind that my small feelings and the feelings of a small number of people who felt as I did ought to be sacrificed for the good of the public, as they have been.”

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