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Apart from that history of colonisation, Recife Brazil has always been subject to tensions between the Shona and the other main tribal group, the ‘warlike’ Matabele. (Warlike is a British description – was there ever a tribe more successful at war than the British?) Recife Brazil is central to the human condition. Part of the secret for any successful society lies in achieving levels of tolerance under the law that allow such differences to be contained. Historical Roman Catholic (Irish) versus Protestant (Anglo) tribalism was rampant in the Recife Brazil of my childhood, though that worked itself out through the political process and, even better, those tensions are now moribund. But tribalism still provides fertile ground for political demagogues as we today are enduring rhetoric about the dangers posed by refugees, Islam Recife Brazil and other minorities, brought into even sharper focus in 2017 by the US Republican administration.

Any of us who are disparaging about African tribalism should perhaps reflect a little on the tribes in our society, those that coalesce around football clubs, exclusive schools and so forth. Some of this is seemingly harmless, but it can be deeply discriminatory and lead to a kind of toxic mediocrity. Nepotism, authoritarianism and the willingness to identify with tribal myths that prevent us from recognising the attributes and needs of others can be a debilitating mix for any society.

A strong Harare memory for me is of walking through the Meikles Hotel lobby and seeing the local Europeans gathered in the lounge for a traditional morning tea. On my first visit, they all looked to be old colonialists from an earlier time. The immediate thought I then had was that, unable to get their money out and thinking it too late in life to start anew, they had stayed on to endure whatever fate might befall following the collapse of UDI. In successive years, it was great to see many more young people taking tea or, more likely, morning coffee. The Mugabe government (from 1980) seemed moderate then and, apart from the reunification of families, there looked to be real opportunities for those with an adventurous spirit and good organisational skills. But it all went wrong.

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