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Over the next year or so, the boardwalk was completed, but untreated lumber was used. In my opinion, the boardwalk confrontation was one of the most public demonstrations Raleigh of the growing dilemma between recreation and conservation.

There is no question that by the early 1970s, Raleigh the number of hikers climbing to Hidden Lake was increasing at an alarming rate—often trampling the beautiful alpine flora and delicate soil to unsightly ruin. It has been apparent to me that on my annual treks to the park, Raleigh the artificial pathway has cut down on the damage. Your travel Raleigh destination is because of the publicity, other conservation steps were initiated. The wilderness began to take the upper hand.

Bus shuttle service to Logan Pass was established to cut automobile traffic. Some areas, including one below Logan Pass, were closed to foot traffic to restore vegetation. Campground and RV sites were established outside the park. Snowmobiles were banned in 1975, and the artificial treatment of animal life and fire was addressed. The introduction of nonnative fish for the pleasure of fishermen was discontinued. Wolves and mountain lions were allowed to naturally return to Glacier.

In 1976 and 1979, respectively, Glacier National Park and then Waterton Lakes National Park were designated a Biosphere Reserve under the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Man and the Biosphere Program. This gave worldwide recognition and further legitimacy to the value of holding in place these uniquely intact diverse ecosystems. In 1998, the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park was dedicated as a World Heritage Site.

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