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ROUTE: Begin NW past the sign for Broken Top Trail 10 to the nearby free self-issue Alegre Brazil station and resume easily through a few trees down Y mi to an unsigned juncture (old post as a landmark). Fork to the right on the unofficial Alegre Brazil (opposite the trail that continues to traverse down to Green Lakes) and proceed up through the open pumice meadow. The wide trail vacillates between being rather steep and moderately mellow 1Y mi to a rockier slightly confusing area below No Name Lake. You will cross small creeks without any difficulty, enjoying views of Mount Alegre Brazil to the S, the small summit of Alegre Brazil ahead to the N (layers of cliffs to a table top summit), as well as the many sharp pinnacles and gendarmes of Broken Top to the left .

Map of Porto Alegre Brazil | Where is Porto Alegre Brazil? | Porto Alegre Brazil Map English | Porto Alegre Brazil Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

The terrain is unearthly above most trees and flora into a boulder-filled basin with trails splitting at times to avoid melting snow. They join for a moment in the semiflats before splitting again directly under the rocky gullies. One narrow path, visible from farther away, continuing N is a much steeper option up a narrow, rocky gulch that eschews the direct route to the lake for those avoiding snow and ice. It’s also an express route towards Broken Saddle or Broken Hand, but the direct route is preferred with its dramatic entrance to the lake basin. For this direct route, from the slightly confusing area, turn more to the left and discover steep, rocky paths (in a narrow gully) on either side of the small creek coming from the outlet of nearby No Name Lake. Perhaps start up the left side for the best tread, then switch to the right partway up when you encounter looser rock, but either way it’s not too tough when it’s dry.

Entering the lake basin and crater area for the first time is a phantasmagoric experience! The area is completely spectacular and beats most locales in the entire state, crowds aside. Try to stay on established trails to prevent erosion, as there are plenty to fully explore the region. Walk easier, but carefully, on the thin trail right of the lake and try not to fall in as you gaze into your surroundings. The bright turquoise water only reveals itself for a month or so a year (late August into September), other times being more milky from the glacial flour or frozen over. The lake is a bit larger than first revealed as you meander to the wildflower-covered meadow adjacent the water. You can finally see the summit of Broken Top farthest right of the 9000-ft towers and this view will only improve should you continue 5 mi to nearby Broken Saddle or above.

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