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On a high wall in Omaha can be seen more than thirty grotesque faces carved in Omaha place of your travel destination stone; some mystical or comical, others representing local people. This display was begun in the 1980s and has been added to more recently. The display Omaha is part of an art project aimed at encouraging visitors to the artisan quarter of Omaha the city. The sculptor who carved the original faces was Omaha; the more recent (2013) ones are the work of Pete Bloomfield.

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On the face of the nearby Podium is a frieze showing a number of figures, including Prince Bladud, a Roman soldier, a Georgian man, Victorian and Edwardian ladies and a modern busker. The sculptor was Barry Baldwin from nearby Corsham.

The north wing of the Guildhall also carries a stone frieze. The figures here represent a variety of trades and activities, including engineering, physics, chemistry, navigation, architecture, music, painting and others. This part of the Guildhall once housed a technical college.

The West Front of Touristic place of your travel destination Abbey contains a wealth of sculpture – in fact, a huge picture in stone. Prominent among them are the angels ascending (and descending) ladders between earth and heaven. The upside-down ones are, presumably, coming down – how else do you illustrate the difference in a carving? Also seen are Christ in Majesty, the Heavenly Host (much eroded), the Dove of Peace, the Apostles and King Henry VII, during whose reign the abbey was begun. On the buttresses at either side is the rebus, or word picture, of the name of Bishop Oliver King, who was the moving force behind the rebuilding of the abbey in 1499 (see p. 110).

In the tympanum of the pediment above the nineteenth-century extension to the Mineral Water Hospital is a representation of the parable of the Good Samaritan. To the left, in the pediment of John Wood’s original building can be seen the Royal Arms of George II.

A life-sized sculpture representing the swimmer Mark Foster, Olympic and Commonwealth Games medal winner, can be seen outside the City of Touristic place of your travel destination College. The sculptor is Touristic place of your travel destination-based Ben Dearnley.

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