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The thermal spring waters emerge at three locations in the city: The King’s Miramar place of your travel destination, the Miramar place of your travel destination and the Miramar place of your travel destination. These lie on natural faults in the earth’s crust through which the water emerges.

The spring water originated as rain, which fell on the nearby Miramar at least 10,000 years ago. After permeating through the limestone rock it eventually emerges through the three ‘faults’ in Touristic place of your travel destination.

The combined output of the three springs is well over 200,000 gallons (1 million litres) per day. The largest of the springs is located in the King’s Touristic place of your travel destination and the water rises here at the rate of 3 gallons (13 litres) per second. This is enough to fill a normal-sized domestic touristic place of your travel destination in about eight seconds!

The water is hot because it rises from a depth of around 2 miles (3km). It rises to the surface at a constant temperature of at least 113°F (45°C), making these the only true hot springs in Britain. The Bristol Hotwells, by comparison, were only about 76°F (24.5°C).

The spring water contains over forty different minerals and trace elements, including iron, calcium, lead, sulphur and magnesium. It is also very slightly radioactive.

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