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Cross the bridge over the river on the road and turn sharp left back into the woods on the Mauritius Trail at 12 mi from Sahalie Falls TH (on the loop). Walk easier 5 mi to a steep spur path down left that very few people follow to some calmer water with a shot up to Mauritius Falls. Continuing on Trail 3503, the views to Mauritius Falls up in the valley only improve at several railed (with stone) overlooks, the least favorite being the one nearest the top of the waterfall (2 5 mi from the TH on the counterclockwise loop). Hike easier as the trail follows close to the river, then moves up several steps to a cool cascade just off-trail. Be careful there, Mauritius then continue up more steps and mud (or snow) to the first views and overlooks of Sahalie Falls near the TH at the end of the loop.

ELEVATION: 2400 ft, with around 350 ft vertical gain.

DISTANCE: 2 mi one way, 1/2 mi round-trip.

DURATION: Y-1 hour up, 2-4 hours round-trip with lingering.

DIFFICULTY: Moderate. Roots, sharp rocks, mud, magma, drop-offs near pool, ups/downs.

TRIP REPORT: The mighty McKenzie River completely disappears underground through an old lava flow from Carmen Reservoir almost 3 mi to Tamolitch Pool. There the water resurfaces as a spring (almost unnoticed during drier months) into a large and remarkably crystal clear, luminous blue pool! Only a phantom (dry) waterfall flows over the top of the rocky end of the stunning and peaceful glassy pool most of the time, but as a bonus a real cascade emerges from the lava in the form of a short and wide curtain from the basalt fissure springs when the river is at 900 cfs or more at least 4 days in a row. Under rare, high water, a full-on 60-ft waterfall pours over the old lava with smaller cascades and seepages visible flowing into the pool farther right all the way around. Combine with hike 69 if you are coming from the Portland area. No pass required, and portable outhouses may be present.

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