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I are off to Laos for ten days we got two tickets on the sleeper train. So basically you got these two seats down here. And it turns into one bed.

And then you also get the top bunk. So the top one looks something like. I went over there which Carolee see right now is there in the way but yeah.

So we’ll get a good sleep on the way to LA they just set up our sleeper bed. So Abby. I don’t know who will sleep there this is the top one top ones good because you got a bit of a strap just in case.

So you don’t hit the ground when the Train moves back. And forth. So, we’re gonna sleep through the night.

And when we wake up we’ll be in Laos it is just about eight o’clock here. And arrived in Laos the Train is actually awesome just able to sleep on the bed with no problems train moves a bit that’s a bit of a bumpy ride but yeah you’re tired you fall asleep of the UH Abby is a model now she’s now she’s getting your passport photo taken by this man for $3. So we just took a bus to the capital city vn chin.

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And, we’re going to go find a French cuisine look at that backpacker go if you ever feeling down about yourself come to Laos go to an ATM. And if you have at least 200 or 300 dollars in your bank account then you too can be a millionaire. I got 10 100 thousand dollar bills.

And not a worry in the world gonna go buy myself a Maserati apparently Laos has a really big flinch flinch French influence. And we just had like the most amazing lunch. And breakfast very flinch influence.

And it was probably almost $8 Canadian. So I was expensive but it actually tasted like it came from France it was the best sandwich. I’ve ever had.

And. So I look forward to many more sandwiches people told me they actually have amazing bread. And sandwiches in Laos.

So you’re a sandwich lover come on over to Laos welcome to the NC n the capital of Laos in the land of dreams hey sport I’m so hot Wow look at this place Oh looks like they’re gonna park on the sidewalk today good for you buddy. So, we’ve been walking around this little city area we just got our cones set up we think, it’s still not working, we’re looking for a car to rent but the last place we went said they have none left.

And they’re the only place in town that sells them. And this is the capital city. So yeah getting real hot right now.

And just loving life welcome back that’s. So cute paparazzo’s creepy yeah about 4 p.m. And, we’re now further north by bus. So, we’ve been challenged as a capital.

And, we’re heading to, I’m not going to say it right, it’s where all the tubing is done. And, it’s one of the backpackers maybe can school workouts. So right now, we’re cows hello go right now, we’re taking the main route of the capital city to what used to be their old capital city.

And this is the roads you have like a combination of concrete. And rock. And dirt it’s so cold all the villages are just. So simple, it’s nothing more than brick walls. And a tin roof.

And, it’s all along the Mekong River. So we just arrived in yang bang. And tomorrow, we’re doing an excursion, we’re gonna go climb waterfalls.

And stew. And surrender place here’s like ten US dollars a night. So, it’s super cheap.

So you can get a sandwich. And watch friends apparently Abby read somewhere that everywhere in Laos here in the city they played friends on rerun.

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