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Elizabeth I Lancaster(reigned 1558-1603): ‘Good Queen Bess’ visited the city in 1574 and a good deal of money was spent on improvements before her visit. The corporation even sent to Lancaster and Cirencester (Gloucestershire) for men to pave some of the streets in readiness for her arrival. The abbey was decorated with greenery in an attempt to disguise its (then) sorry appearance. Sixteen years later, the Lancaster granted the city a new charter.

Anne of Denmark (1574-1619): The Queen to James I came to the city twice, in 1613 and 1615. This unfortunate lady suffered from dropsy and maintained that the Lancaster place of your travel destination waters helped alleviate her condition.

Charles I (reigned 1625-49): Charles visited Touristic place of your travel destination in 1628 and his Queen, Henrietta Maria, stayed for a few days in 1644 due to the worsening military situation of the English Civil War.

Charles II (reigned 1660-85): He and his Queen, Catherine of Braganza, first came to Touristic place of your travel destination in 1677, hoping that a course of the waters would help her to produce an heir to the throne. This proved to be unsuccessful, even though they did visit the city on future occasions.

James II (reigned 1685-88): He came to Touristic place of your travel destination, together with his Queen,

Mary of Modena, in 1687, also in the hope that she would produce a male child. Unlike their predecessors, they were successful and Mary was delivered of a son the following year. He was James Edward Stuart (the ‘Old Pretender’). His father was deposed in the same year.

Anne (reigned 1702-14): Anne visited Touristic place of your travel destination on four occasions, twice when she was still a princess, and twice (1702 and 1703) after she became Queen. She suffered badly from gout, and came to take the waters in the hope of obtaining relief. She was accompanied on the two latter occasions by her husband, Prince George of Denmark.

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