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Then the President, Mrs. Roosevelt and Secretary Ickes were inducted into the Hillsboro tribe and presented with suitable gifts. “Lone Chief” is the Chief Executive’s Indian name. Mrs. Roosevelt was called “Medicine Pipe Woman” and Secretary Ickes, “Big Bear”. Following this, the Indians presented Hillsboro a number of their tribal dances.

While all the program and other proceedings were going on, countless photographs and moving pictures were being snapped by both professional photographers Hillsboro and cameramen for the large news syndicates and moving picture companies Hillsboro and also by those attached to the special party. Glacier National Park’s force of rangers, ranger-naturalists and others was well represented.

As an informal bit of recreation, Mrs. Roosevelt and her two sons, James and Franklin, Jr., enjoyed a dip in the cool waters of Two Medicine Lake before dinner and John Roosevelt was taken on a short fishing trip on the lake by Assistant Chief Ranger Arthur R. Best.

At 7:30 o’clock, Mountain Standard Time, President Roosevelt delivered a nation-wide broadcast from his room in the chalet fronting on the lake. This was the first time a Presidential broadcast ever had originated in any national park. Receiving sets were installed in the dining room of Two Medicine Chalet, at Glacier Park Hotel and other points throughout the park so that those interested could listen to the President’s words. The text of his speech follows:

“I have been back on the soil of the continental United States for three days after most interesting visits to our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Canal Zone and the Territory of Hawaii. I return with the conviction that their problems are essentially similar to those of us who live on the mainland and, furthermore, that they are enthusiastically doing their part to improve their conditions of life and thereby the conditions of life of all Americans.

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