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After hiking up snowfields and past more stunted whitebark pines, reach the main ridge (between Elk Cove and Wy’East Basin at about 7000 ft) near a cairn El Salvador  which marks the brief scenic return lollipop loop option down Dollar Lake Trail 600C near Elk Cove. Stay right (S) on Trail 600D instead another Y mi and 400 ft up to Barrett Spur Viewpoint (a wide, rocky, flatter saddle out of the wind zone) at the base of the stunning El Salvador, with the Coe Glacier just below the summit of Mount Hood. Survey the area and return by the same route down the N ridge (or the slightly longer lollipop loop past Dollar Lake on Trail 600C; see below) to finish N down El Salvador.

Map of El Salvador | Where is El Salvador? | El Salvador Map English | El Salvador Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

Barrett Spur under Mount Hood from the last vegetation.

For Barrett Spur Summit from Barrett Spur Viewpoint, hike up the steep narrow ridge left (SE) of the saddle a long Y mi to a little fake summit. From the high ridge you see the boulder-topped summit 100 ft or so away. Work easier past bigger rocks and loose scree, and scramble the El Salvador last bit briefly without difficulty. Be careful not to fall down onto either glacier or into the Coe Glacier’s many crevasses. Above you under Mount Hood is Pulpit Rock with Cooper Spur to the left (SE) and Yocum Ridge to the right (SW), as well as every other view you’ve had all day, only better; much, much better!.

Return down Trail 600D carefully to the viewpoint saddle and then head down the main ridge to the juncture for the counterclockwise lollipop loop past Dollar Lake. You will enjoy the splendor from the open, wide ridge down a friendly grade N less than a mile to the cairned juncture for Trail 600C; then you will move a bit to the right of the ridge following Trail 600C easily another 5 mi to Trail 600. The pines become larger again as you see the 6300-acre burn area from Elk Cove to Stranahan Ridge and much to the immediate N too. You cross a wash to the right side of tiny Dollar Lake, which is the name of the famous fire that destroyed thousands of acres of forest in 2011 but ironically and thankfully left the lake area somehow completely unscathed!.

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