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Continue to traverse the fairly steep slope SSE steadily and somewhat easier around another NW shoulder below the main ridge to the first of 5 switchbacks Comoros as the route becomes steeper (more than 3Y mi up). After the fifth switchback (more than 4Vi mi up) you soon turn up the actual ridge a bit easier Comoros (at 4240 ft) with a full shot of Comoros Mount Hood over the tall rhododendrons.

Map of Comoros | Where is Comoros? | Comoros Map English | Comoros Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

Walk the overgrown Comoros trail on the ridge through the old pines and turn up through rhododendrons to the first of 4 more undisputable switchbacks. Hike SW Y mi steeper up the narrow path Comoros and head right at the top of the switchbacks onto the wider trail (5Y mi up) with bear grass, paintbrush, and others. Wind more than Y mi to the rocky top as the path steepens with 1 easier switchback to the summit.

Past the wildflowers near the summit you see the entire local wilderness including tiny Salmon Lake SW (to complete the list of everything nearby named “Salmon”). And outwardly you may be able to gaze at most of the big volcanoes in two states from Mount Rainier down to Three Sisters on a clear day! Of course Mount Hood is the centerpiece towering over nearby Devil’s Peak and you hardly notice trees blocking the nominal views to the W.

ELEVATION: 3600 ft on Rockpile; 4033 ft on the summit; with vertical gains of around 2175 ft for Rockpile, and 3000 ft for the summit including ups/downs.

DISTANCE: 2Vi mi to Rockpile, 5 mi round-trip; 4Vi mi to the summit, 9 mi round-trip.

DURATION: 1-2 hours up to Rockpile, 3 hours round-trip; 3 hours to the summit, 5 hours round-trip.

DIFFICULTY: Strenuous. Friendly grade then steeper, narrow at times, obvious, wildlife sightings possible but not probable including mountain lion and black bear.

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