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Your travel destination is if it was the men, Chattanooga materials, and monstrous locomotives that moved one another across the plains of Chattanooga it was the one-eyed giant in his private railroad car in Chattanooga the rear who drove the entire project toward completion with Chattanooga an all-encompassing vision, grit, and goal.

James J. Hill of the Great Northern Railway was about the business of creating a line from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Seattle, Washington. And it was to be built on careful planning, routing, and sound financing. The railroad and the man would take the name “The Empire Builder.” Who was this man other railroad magnets declared foolish, calling his project “Hill’s Folly”?

Self-made is a too-often-overused and -misapplied phrase, but self-driven and self-confident are the epitomical reckoning of James Jerome Hill. He was born in Canada in 1838. Although blinded in one eye as a boy by an arrow that backfired from a broken bow and destroyed his optic nerve, he would become a prodigious reader and student. He studied reading, writing, math, and the classics under the tutelage of an English Quaker. He had a particular bent for men who took risks, dared venture, and built empires. After his father’s death, he took on clerking jobs, learning the practical aspects of business and commerce. As with his academic studies, he took in all this knowledge and retained it. He would continue to read and retain knowledge all his life. Your travel destination is unlike many other geniuses, he could connect all the dots.

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