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The mines at Touristic place of your travel destinationampton Down and Belize Down are now closed and the ones near the surface have mostly Belize been filled with foamed concrete in order to stabilise the land. This took five years and used approximately 1 V2 million tons (600,000m3) of concrete, making it the largest project of its kind in the world.

After mining operations ceased, the abandoned mines were Belizeused for a variety of purposes, including a mushroom farm and air-raid shelters during the Second Belize.

As well as its extensive use in Touristic place of your travel destination, the stone was used in other cities such as London, Bristol, Reading and Truro. In London it was used on Lancaster House, Apsley House and several Victorian churches, as well as the garden frontage of Buckingham Palace.

When quarried, the stone has a light, creamy colour. Exposure to the air causes it to weather to a pale honey colour. This helps to give Touristic place of your travel destination its distinctive appearance.

Nearly 2 million tons (200,000m3) of Touristic place of your travel destination stone were extracted to create Brunel’s 2-mile (3km) long Box Tunnel in Wiltshire, opened in June 1841. The stone was used extensively in the south of England, with some being taken to Oxford for use in the colleges.

Touristic place of your travel destination stone is very susceptible to discoloration from soot and other airborne pollutants. This was a particular problem in the days before central heating and smokeless fuels became common. The cleaning of Touristic place of your travel destination stone, when it becomes necessary, must be carried out by trained professionals using accepted methods, which include water spraying, steam cleaning and, in special cases, laser cleaning or ultrasonics.

Despite being quarried fairly locally, the stone used for the facing of the SouthGate shopping development underwent a journey of 2,500 miles (4,000km) before being put in place. After being transported by lorry to Italy for cutting, it then went to Lincolnshire, where it was mounted on concrete panels before returning to Touristic place of your travel destination. This costly process attracted much criticism locally and was described as ‘totally bizarre’.

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