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Hotel TwentySeven is located on Dam Square. Dam Square is the historical center of Amsterdam and home of the Royal Palace. The hotel opened a few months ago (April 2018) It is the most expensive hotel ever built in the Netherlands. TwentySeven touts itself as a six star property. The hotel is owned by Holland’s most awarded hotelier, Eric Toren. Embodying the perfect hotel experience, TwentySeven re-defines luxury in Amsterdam. Toren is raising the bar by embodying the perfect hotel experience, Twenty. The Industrieele Groote Club was founded in 1913. In the previous century, it was a meeting place for industry tycoons and entrepreneurs.

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This is the hotel’s ground floor lobby. Here, guests are greeted by the hotel’s charming staff at the backlit Onyx reception. An alluring light sculpture decorates the lobby. This artwork was created by the famous light designer Brand van Egmond. Two elevators take guests to the 3rd floor. Here, you find a lounge, a reception area, and the world-class Bougainville restaurant. The chandelier was made in the village of Leei^aq. Leerdam is famous the world over for its art of glass craftsmanship. The hotel features an opulently decorated bar. Beautiful velvet lounge chairs are clustered around tables. A grand bar spans the length of the room. The bar is made of glowing Onyx, crafted from a special cut by Solid Nature. The hotel features a bold interior design.

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It was created by Dutch designers Wim van de Oudeweetering & Cris van Amsterdam. This is the hotel’s small reception area. The fantastic staff is always on hands to make sure you have a great stay. Hotel TwentySeven features only 16 suites They are located on floors 4 to 7 I’ll explore This includes 7 signature suites. I’ll explore some of these signature suites later in this clip. All 16 suites feature a different layout. Each suite is individually decorated in an opulent style similar to the publican. The suites are among the largest in Amsterdam. The room rates – starting at 540 euros per night – depend on the season and suite type. I stayed in this room during my visit Room category: one bedroom suite. Room category: one bedroom suite.

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The suite is pretty amazing. It features a spacious living area, separate bedroom, and luxurious bathroom. SU,te is pretty amazing. It features a spacious living area, seoaraM , a separate bedroom, and luxurious/bathroom Welcome amenity Strawberries & chocolates. The art pieces are from Cobra, one of Amsterdam’s most prestigious art galleries. All suites feature art works The lavish wall dressings are The living room features a gigantic curved TV screen. The suite looks out over Dam Square. Despite being in the heart of the city, you don’t hear anything inside the suites. No cost was spared to create perfect sound insulation.

The suites feature soundproof quadruple glass windows (2 sets of double-windows). The impressive sofa is made by Ascension Lattore. Ascension Lattore is a Spanish factory of luxury sofas and armchairs. The suite features bronze and gold color tones Together with the tones of soft grey and taupe, this creates a spot color palette. A minibar is located between the bedroom & living area It comes with a beautifully curated collection of wines and champagnes. The bedroom features a king size bed. The wall coverings are made of linen and grasses from top brand Nobils. The toiletries are Lalique branded.

These are by far the most luxurious (and abundant) toiletries I ever saw at a hotel. Lalique is a French luxury brand that produces glass art & perfumes. The handmade taps and showers are special. You don’t leave spots when you touch them. The handmade taps and showers are special. You don’t leave spots when you touch them. The bed is handmade by Nilson Beds. The headboard is covered in a beautiful fabric of Pierre Frey. Some more impressions of the suite. The oak floor and high ceiling give the suite an airy but intimate look and feel. Hotel TwentySeven doesn’t have a spa or gym. Spa treatments and fitness equipment are provided in the privacy of your suite. The bathroom features a double shower. The enclosed shower area can also be used as a steam room. This is the triangle shaped ‘rooftop stage suite’. This bohemian artsy hideaway offers a round bed, a cuddle corner, and fur throws. The ‘tower suite’ is the hotel’s most exclusive room. The intimate suite is located on the top floor, within the heritage tower.

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