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My cell phone bill is $50 a month unless I delay a payment then it goes up to $60 for each month I miss a payment. Luckily that hasn’t happened yet.

My rent is $130 a month, including water and gas. I pay the cable and light bills. It’s automatically taken out of my bank account. If I have no money when the bill is due, the tenant will email and call me to make payment arrangements.

I’m not going to discuss health insurance or housing living (which is different) until I’ve made up my mind on whether or not I’m going to live in Aria permanently after graduation. This part of Avalon doesn’t seem as bad as the Internet and the news in America says it is. Hell is probably misunderstood.

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Learning that my writing was awful at the beginning.

Learning to take negative and positive reviews with a grain of salt Being resilient! (See the 2nd lesson)

Some people actually paid for my art…and words…I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Always edit your stuff to the best of your ability, and then ALWAYS LET OTHER EYES LOOK AT IT!

Even if you believe your work is crappy, even one person out there will think it is the best thing ever Taste is subjective.

It’s not you they don’t like; it’s your art they can’t understand.

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